Implementation Videos



Software implementation myths: Part 1

Software implementation myths: Part 2

What it means to implement software.

Should the users be allowed to 'play around' in the software at the beginning of the implementation process?

Who should be the implementation team leader?

What is the process for engaging Lupine Partners for consulting work?

The business Lupine Partners is really in.

What our clients really want.

Data Conversion

Should the data in the old system be archived

What is data mapping and how is it best handled?

How much general ledger history should be converted?

Is there an ideal time during a Yardi Voyager software implementation to convert data?

Is there a list of software systems that Yardi Voyager can convert from?

Is there any benefit to storing transaction history as an attached .PDF file?

Is it better to: convert summarized gl transactions; convert each individual transaction; or, import trial balance information?

If this is a mid-year conversion, is it better to bring over year-to-date vendor payments for purposes of producing 1099s?

Does the data conversion effort have to be done electronically, or can it be done manually?

Report Writing

Is it easier to develop a custom report using a local version of the database as opposed to connecting over the internet and using Yardi's environment?

Is it better to develop the reports on the test database rather than the live database?

Should the expertise of creating custom reports be developed in-house?

As you go through an implementation, how do you decide which reports should be custom reports?

Do you have to know SQL to write reports in Yardi Voyager?

Is a custom report really necessary?


What is the problem with putting beginner and advanced users together in a training environment?

What is the cost of not being trained properly for your Voyager implementation?

Should the training agenda be customized to your particular needs?

How close to go-live should your end user training be?

What is the recommended training class size?

Should each trainee have their own computer during training sessions?

Is there a difference between module setup training and end-user training?

What are the pros and cons of having internet connectivity during the training session?

Can the training be done remotely or should the trainer be in the room?

Does the trainer have to be a part of the implementation project team?

Is there any benefit to giving the trainer a copy of the database prior to training?

Should training be held concurrently with the final data conversion effort?

Should the training occur at your office location or should an outside training room be used?

What do you think about using quick guides or student aids?

Which is better: Train the trainer or direct end-user training?

Should you use your own data during training or utilize a training/sample database?

In order to get more people trained, does it make sense for some of the trainees to listen in by phone?

Protecting Your Interests

Protecting your interests: Part 1

Protecting your interests: Part 2

Protecting your interests: Part 3

Protecting your interests: Part 4

Why Projects Fail

Why projects fail: Reason 10

Why projects fail: Reason 9

Why projects fail: Reason 8

Why projects fail: Reason 7

Why projects fail: Reason 6

Why projects fail: Reason 5

Why projects fail: Reason 4

Why projects fail: Reason 3

Why projects fail: Reason 2

Why projects fail: Reason 1

What to Expect

What to expect when you go-dark/go-live.

What to expect during the software implementation kickoff meeting.

What to expect during the module design & configuration meetings.

What to expect during the weekly status meetings.

What to expect during the software implementation discovery session.

Fear Series Audio

The Fear of Being Sold

The Fear of Being Fired

The Fear of Choosing the Wrong Software

The Fear of Not Focusing on Your Core Business

The Fear of Financial Investment and Low Return

The Fear of Losing Your Customer Data

The Fear of Software Not Working as Advertised

The Fear of Not Having the Time to Work on Software Implementation

The Fear of Looking Stupid

The Fear of Having the Software Implementation Being an Open Checkbok for Your Consultant

The Fear of Losing Your Accounting Data

The Fear of Losing Control