Master In His Field!

“David Wolfe’s straightforward approach to software implementation proves he is a master in his field.  He shares his vast knowledge of the intricacies unique to the real estate industry and charges us to leave our egos at the door.   In his over thirty years of experience, he’s seen and heard it all, from unnecessary interruptions and delays to slipshod training.   In a matter-of-fact style, David’s methodical and sound advice will benefit every level of employee, from the savvy professional to the most tech-challenged individual.

In his first book, Software & Vendors & Requirements, Oh My!, David provided a step-by-step guide to choosing software.  For companies that have spent valuable resources and money on choosing new software, the work doesn’t stop there.  The cost of failure for a conversion is high—and unnecessary.  A company’s success depends not only on its expertise in real estate, but also on its willingness to understand its limitations.  Migrating from one software system to another is something David Wolfe does every day.  Read his book and then hire the expert.”
Joan Mora
Chief Financial Officer
Tonti Properties

Provides A Clear Map!

“One of the most frustrating exercises in business can be dealing with systems and software consultants.   Those of us who've sat across the conference room table from an expensive team of outsiders know how painfully opaque such projects can seem.  And how expensive — and threatening to your own survival — these projects might be if they blow up.  David Wolfe has generously turned his vast experience on the other side of the table into plainspoken transparency.  His advice in this book provides a clear map to navigating these waters knowledgeably and safely.  I can't imagine diving into such a project and trying, without this handy and often humorous manual, to keep all the relevant questions and issues in my head.  Whether you're a top executive who needs to understand what's about to happen in a software-conversion project, or you're the poor sap who must manage such executives' expectations, "Lessons from the Technology Front Line" will save you enormous confusion and headaches.”
Mark Obbie
Writer and Editor

Thought-Provoking Lessons And Concepts!

When David asked if I would write a testimonial for his forthcoming book on software migrations, I immediately jumped at the opportunity.  Lupine Partners has proven to be an invaluable resource for our company - a large multifamily mixed portfolio property manager and developer out of Chicago – not only in planning and preparing for our migration from MRI to Yardi, but also in project managing the whole conversion process for us.

Before hiring David and co, we did our due diligence on and interviewed several prominent implementers.  It rapidly became clear to us that Lupine had developed and followed a specific methodology to software conversions that would greatly benefit us if properly applied.  The implementation and conversion philosophy outlined in this book follow David’s style of clear, no-nonsense and direct communication that we have seen in action every day of our conversion - David and his team practice what they preach!

I highly recommend that anyone looking to go through a major software conversion or implementation of any kind buy, read and thoroughly assimilate this book.  The thought-provoking lessons and concepts conveyed will serve as a roadmap for you as you seek out implementation partners and approach your own implementation and conversion projects.
Mark Sweeting
IT Director
Draper and Kramer

A Clear, Much-Needed Road Map!

"Real estate enterprises have undergone tremendous increases in both size and complexity over the last twenty years; during this same time period, real estate enterprise software has undergone significant evolution.  As a result, business leaders who wish to remain competitive are likely to face the daunting prospect of “swapping” one software platform for another at some point during their careers.   In Lessons from the Technology Front Line, Wolfe provides a clear, much-needed road map to navigating this tricky process."
Anthony Page
Senior Vice President & Director
Capstead Mortgage Corporation

His Approach Makes Sense!

“I have been involved in my share of software projects – most have gone very well.  And some – well, not so much...

I read the excerpted chapters of David Wolfe’s latest book with interest (particularly since I am going through another software migration at this very moment…).  I think Wolfe has done a very good job of describing how to break the implementation effort into manageable, concurrent steps.  His approach makes sense: Plan, orchestrate, execute.  His analogy to building a house is spot on – get a roof over your head for that first.  Work on the front lawn after you move in.

This is a timely and good book for anybody thinking about changing to a new software system.”
Carl Pearce
Pillar Commercial

Solid, No-Nonsense Advice!

"I read with interest David Wolfe's new book - Lessons from the Technology Front Line.   Although a veteran professional in the multi-family industry, I have not been through many software conversions.  I am going through one right now...  Mr. Wolfe gives solid, no-nonsense advice.  His battle scars are obvious.  It is also obvious that he honestly wants to keep his readers from making the same mistakes that others have made.  I think this is a terrific book to read for anybody who is going through, or planning to go through, a change in software."
Cindy Ash
Embrey Management Services

Impressed With What He Has Written!

“I have known David Wolfe for 40 years now – back before both of us were shaving…He has been in the software business for as long as I can remember.  But until he asked me to review his latest book, I didn’t quite know exactly what he did.

I hate to admit this to him, but I am impressed with what he has written, and his writing talent.  And the more I read, the more I realize that his experience is something I need at my company as we are going through a major ERP software upgrade.  I am passing Wolfie’s book on to my IT staff – they may have some ‘splainin’ to do.  Nice work old friend.”
Dan McCutcheon
Star Pipe Products

A Terrific Road Map!

“I recently finished a software implementation for my firm – admittedly there were some challenges that I needed to overcome to effectively manage the process and get the implementation done correctly upfront.  I would have loved to have read this book prior to getting started on our project.  The book exposes you to the terminology needed to communicate with IT professionals, thoughtful process overview of an implementation and strong management tools to effectively manage your team and the interaction with consultants.  David Wolfe has provided a terrific road map on how to get from here to there.   His grasp of the subject matter is excellent and the information in the book is presented in a thoughtful manner.”
David DiSanto
Trilogy Real Estate Group

Tells It Like It Is!

“My family has owned multi-family real estate investments for over 50 years now.  We have always been committed to using technology strategically to give us a competitive advantage.  While I am not a computer guy, I am interested in it and I am interested in the application of technology when it makes sense for my company.

David Wolfe’s book does an outstanding job of outlining the risk points when moving to a new software system.  He speaks in a plain voice and does not try to confuse the reader using fancy computer language.  He tells it like it is – the good, the bad, and the ugly.”!
Don Pardue
Pardue Investments

Chapter 10 Makes The Whole Book Worth It!

"David Wolfe's chapter (ten) on training makes the whole book worth it.  I have been an executive in real estate operations for over 12 years.  I have been involved in many, many property takeovers, and more than my share of software conversion efforts.  To me, the biggest success/failure point with these conversion efforts is this:   Can the on-site people use the new software system proficiently?

I have seen some good training sessions over the years, and I have seen some really bad ones.  Bad training - bad implementation.  And vice versa.  Anyone who is thinking of moving to a new software package would be well advised to read this book."
Donna Summers
Vice President
Gables Residential

Common Sense Approach!

“Having recently completed the first phase of a major global software implementation, I have experienced the highs and low’s based on several key points made in David Wolfe’s latest book.  Smart planning ahead of execution is very important in any size project as well as giving the user community top-notch training before execution.  It not only provides a successful transition between the old system and the new system but also helps engage the user community and provide support for the project in its entirety.

The author clearly emphasizes how given good implementation techniques avoid compromising a project.  His common sense approach on software implementations is easy to follow and provides so many opportunities to make the right choices before, during, and after the implementation.
This book definitely goes on my bookshelf in my office.”
Laura Gill
Senior Business Analyst

This Was A Pleasant Surprise!

“I am a real estate professional – most definitely NOT a computer guy.  I don’t know a bit from a bite (byte?).  When David Wolfe asked me to review his book I groaned inside.  There goes my weekend…

Then I read how he got started and how he worked for John Connally many years ago.  And then read some more and realized that his approach (and the entire book) didn’t really have that much to do with computers.  What he really seems to do is manage fear, and keep people from acting against their own best interests.  This book has a parental feel to it.  I can tell he is a stern and loving parent to his client children.

This was a pleasant surprise.”
Gordon Dey
Keller Williams Realty Gulf Coast

A Must Read!

“This book is a must read for real estate Accounting and IT professionals that are planning to migrate to a new property management software solution or module.  The author, David Wolfe is a CPA who draws upon his two decades of experience as a software consultant in the real estate industry to provide an easy to read, practical approach to planning and executing a successful implementation.  The process of migrating to a new software platform is a challenging process that is not a customary to the users at any level and it is generally an additional task to everyday business operations.  This book provides guidance on how to accomplish a migration successfully from the inception of identifying good candidates for the project team and project manager through the “Go Live” date.  The book provides step by step instruction on how which tasks need to be accomplished and at what point, useful tasks that a team of users may not think of on their own.  By following the advice in this book, one could avoid the problems that plague unsuccessful implementations.“
Jennifer van Arcken
IT Director
BSR Trust

This Is No Technical Tome!

"Having read the first few chapters of David Wolfe’s book, Lessons from the Technology Front Line, it is obvious that he has a command of software implementation tactics – and that he has the requisite experience to help his readers avoid common (and not so common) pitfalls.  This is an enjoyable read.  Besides being an accomplished technology consultant, Wolfe has some writing chops as well.  This is no technical tome…
Jorge Cordova
Synterna Technologies

An Outstanding Read!

“In Lessons From the Technology Front Line, David Wolfe brings a much-needed dose of “been-there-done-that” reality to delivering a successful software implementation.  As an IT Project Manager myself, I’ve lived through the very challenges of people, process, data, and technology that David speaks about in this book.  He meets these challenges head on with practical advice, tools, and templates your organization can use right now.  Hard-earned lessons David has acquired over many years in this business come to life in the personal examples and anecdotes he includes throughout.   If you need some straight talk about what to emphasize and what to avoid in your software project, “Front Line” is an outstanding read!”
Keith Richey
Vice President
Propoint Technology

Absolutely Right On The Mark!

“Several years ago I had the pleasure of working side by side with David; once during a software implementation and another time as part of a company’s software selection process.  What David recommends in his book is the same methodology he uses to run these engagements.  His consistency and faithfulness to his approach is absolutely right on the mark.  He asks critical questions and leads the team to think about and consider people, situations, and assumptions that if not given appropriate energy, can completely derail the entire process.  If you are starting the process of moving to a new software system, talk to David and his team.  And more importantly, read this book.  You will save yourself time, money, and ensure a successful implementation.”
Kendall Pretzer
the Strategic Solution

An Informative Read!

“Where was this book last year when we went through two simultaneous software implementation projects?   David Wolfe has written a thorough instruction manual on how to navigate the move to a new software system.  It is easy to read and contains real life examples of how to approach these projects.  His experience with these conversions is evident.

David’s experience, and rational, systematic approach to this topic makes for an informative read.  I highly recommend Lessons From the Technology Front Line”
Lori Creasy
Chief Financial Officer
Washington Nationals

I Couldn't Have Been More Pleased!

“I was fairly convinced that hiring a consultant to assist us with our conversion would only result in higher costs and a watered-down result.  Then my president and I met with David Wolfe.  Talk about a 180-degree turnaround in perception!  David’s initial presentation to us was so concise, well thought out, and thorough, that I had no doubt that we should hire him and his company to help us with our conversion.  I couldn’t have been more pleased with our results.  David’s approach and scheduling techniques set a clear path and task assignments through every step of the process.   The finale to our project was three separate conversions over a 2-month period: all occurred on schedule and all were successful.   His staff worked very well with us, encouraged us, held our hand when we needed it, and made what seemed a daunting task at first, occur in bite-sized pieces until our plate was empty.  Will we hire Lupine Partners again?  We already have on several smaller projects.  They have become a go-to partner for our company whether we’re needing a customized report, or further expanding our utilization of the software’s capabilities.  I highly recommend David Wolfe and Lupine Partners to anyone considering a software conversion.”
Joanne Massey
Sundance Square

Easy To Understand, Simple To Follow!

I have worked with Lupine Partners and David Wolfe on multiple software implementations.  David's methodology and approach to implementing are easy to understand, simple to follow, laid out in a logical matter and work when applied.  His process helped me build a long term and lasting and successful software implementation and training team at my company.  This success drove applying his methodology on projects outside of the engagement with Lupine.
Matt Kraft
Vice President of Training

Just Do What He Says!

“I have the privilege of working with David Wolfe on his first major software implementation in 1994.   We served as co-project managers.  What is interesting to me, and perhaps instructive to the readers of this book, is how much he has grown and matured in his approach to software implementation – but, more importantly, how of the core of his approach was there at the beginning of his career as a software professional.

Software is such an integral part of how all of us do our business now.  Getting the wrong package, or implementing the correct package poorly, will place you in a competitive disadvantage quickly.  I can vouch first hand that David Wolfe knows his stuff.   And his approach will work for you.  Just do what he says…”
Michele Wheeler
Jackson Shaw

He De-Mystifies The Process!

“Having recently directed a major software conversion for our company I have only two things to say about David Wolfe’s new book:  1)  I can relate!  and 2)  I wish David’s book had been available before our adventure.  It’s a must read for anyone about to embark on the implementation of new operational software.”

“My only regret is not having access to David’s new book before undertaking our recent software conversion!”

“David does what few software consultants do:  he de-mystifies the process of software implementation so that even the most tech-challenged executive can understand it.”
Paul Votto
Chief Operating Officer
Wimmer Brothers

Guides You Each Step Of The Way!

Save yourself countless hours of asking "Where did we go wrong?" and start by reading David's book Lessons from the Technology Front Line.  This book guides you each step of the way on how to build your conversion team and make the right choices to make your implementation a success.  There's much more to the project success then what reports does the software generate.  Without the right planning process you're likely to fail.  ‘Front Line’ will give you the wisdom of hundreds of successful conversions, tell you about mistakes before you make them and walk you through making sure that your project ends up being a moment of triumph for your organization that leads you really leverage your investment in your software.
Phillip Jackson
IT Director
Price Edwards and Company

I Endorse This Book!

“I have been in the software business for 14 years, and I have seen my share of botches software implementations.  The principles and methodology that David Wolfe promotes in his software book are spot on.  So many companies try to do this on their own and fail – because they don’t have a plan and, in many cases, they don’t know what they are doing.

I endorse this book.  Good work David.”
Rick Greco
National Sales Director

The Real Deal!

“Lessons From the Front Line” is a dead-on description of David Wolfe’s implementation methodology.  I have had the pleasure of having his firm lead us through a software migration.  His book is the real deal and is exactly the approach took in leading us through the process.   His book is no college text book, but a real-life, practical approach to going through a software project.

I highly recommend this book to anybody who is thinking about changing software packages.  It is a small price to pay for peace of mind.”

Robin Brankamp
Neyer Management

Every Business Professional Should Read!t

"As a business owner, I sometimes feel I am held hostage by the ever-changing nature of technology.  I'm not saying I don't like software, but frankly, at times, it scares the hell out of me.  I have been contemplating a migration to a new software product.  My construction company has been using the same old package for a long time.  I feel that, maybe, we are not working as smart as we could be.

But how to go about this change?

Then I ran across David Wolfe's book, Lessons from the Technology Front Line.  His book has supplied me with a step by step method to getting this process done.  And he does it with no BS.  I even laughed a few times while reading it.   Pleasantly surprised.

This is a book that every business professional should read."
Joey Gardner
Simpson and Gardner

Well Done!

David Wolfe has written a complete, concise and easy-to-read guide to implementing software.   It is obvious that David is a veteran of many software implementation battles – and he has the “been there - done that” experience to prove it.  David is generous in his advice on what to do, and maybe even more importantly, on what NOT to do.

Too bad this book wasn’t written a few years ago; I could have used it as a blueprint for some of my projects.  Well done!
Steven A. Abney
Chief Financial Officer
Prescott Realty Group

He's The Real Deal!

“I have worked with David on software projects since 1994 – while employed at several different organizations and working with several different software packages.  There is nothing theoretical about what David Wolfe writes about.  His book gives good, hard-earned, and practical advice on an initiative that can be gut-churning.  He has synthesized the process into something that looks like a software implementation blueprint…which I guess was his goal in writing the book.  We go back a long way – he’s the real deal.”
Steve Otermat,
Martin Fein Interests

This Is A Good Book!

"This is a good book.

In a previous life I performed these exact same services that David describes.  My favorite part of the book is when he describes the choreography of the entire software migration process.  He describes it as a ‘dance’ and to an extent it is.   I never quite thought of it that way, but it is true.  David has the art of software implementation down to, well, a science…”
Sue Kilpatrick
Software Implementation Specialist

I Highly Recommend This Book!

“David Wolfe is an exceptional entrepreneur and a leader in the real estate software industry.   David's book addresses the problems that many real estate professionals encounter when they try to utilize software on their own and provides the best practices in order to overcome these challenges.  I highly recommend this book to any real estate professional who is seeking to better their business.”
Tom Bukacek
Author of "Long Term Greedy" and "The Real Estate Millionaires' Blueprint"

Hits It Out Of The Park!

“Once again, David Wolfe hits it out of the park with his latest effort, “Lessons from the Technology Front Line”.  With his familiar honest, clear and pragmatic delivery, David provides a succinct and uncluttered roadmap to the software conversion/implementation process.  In a style all his own, David walks the reader through a process he and his partners have executed hundreds of times.  With a sprinkling of anecdotes and lessons picked up over a lifetime of effort, everything you’ll need to know to achieve success (and avoid the pitfalls) in this complex and fragile exercise are made available.   This book will stand proudly next to my copy of “Software & Vendors & Requirements, Oh My!” as an indispensable resource and “user manual” to the process of enterprise level software migration.  Anyone contemplating such a project (whether it’s your first or your thousandth conversion) should read this book first – there’s something here for everyone.”
D. Thomas Figert
Chief Information Officer
Harbor Group International

A Terrific Software 'Cookbook'!

“In chapter one the author says, “Implementing software is not hard.   The key is in knowing that the required steps must occur in a certain order though.  Step C must follow step B which must follow step A.”  It’s a simple concept and, in my opinion, it is dead-on accurate.  Putting it into practice is sometimes harder than it looks…

David Wolfe’s entire book is geared towards telling the reader what needs to happen first, then next, then next…I think it is a terrific software ‘cookbook’.”
Wayne Parnell
Lincoln Harris CSG

An Important Book!

“I have read about some colossal systems failures over the years – ones where companies invest millions and millions of dollars with nothing to show for it.  As I read David Wolfe’s book on software implementation practices it seems to me that many of these disasters could have been avoided just by following the rational and systematic methods that he advocates.

This is an important book and an easy read.”
Andrew Rottner
North Texas Bank