Client Testimonials

As you can see, our client reach is large and mixed – both in terms of geography, type of real estate, and the size of the company.

We have been fortunate to receive the following testimonials from our client partners.

The following individuals worked hand-in-hand with us on the selection or implementation of their real estate software system.  The experience was satisfying enough for them that they supplied a testimonial on their experience of working with Lupine Partners:

Many Thanks!

When we decided to implement new accounting and property management software, we initially decided that we could implement the software and handle the conversion process internally.   We knew that it would be a big job, but we were confident that we had the resources to successfully complete a project of this size..

After discussing the implementation process with some of our acquaintances in the industry, we came to the conclusion that hiring a consultant would be prudent.  We repeatedly heard the name Lupine Partners.

When I spoke to you for the first time on October 1,about our implementation strategy, including a possible spring 2016 go live date, you suggested a January 1 date for AP and GL, with February for the residential side.  I am pleased to report that, thanks to the hard work and dedication of your staff, all of our properties were live on AP, Residential and G/L as of March 1, exactly five months to the day from when we first talked!  In retrospect, there is no way we would be where we are today without the structured implementation plan that Lupine brought to the table on day one.

Jess, Laura and I continually discuss how, without Lupine's direction, it would have easily taken us over a year to get to where we are, and our system would not have been set up with the appropriate controls and procedures.  We are now looking forward to Phase II of our implementation, and I know that Lupine will continue to be our partner going forward.

Many thanks to Amy McNeill and Debbie Graves for their tireless hours and wealth of knowledge they brought to this process.  As I mentioned above, we would not be where we are today without their support and attentiveness.

Anthony Franda
Burke Properties

You've exceeded all our expectations!

"I first worked with the Lupine Team in 2009, when they assisted River Oaks Properties, with our upgrade from Yardi Enterprise to Voyager.  I was immediately impressed with David's direct approach and the depth of knowledge and guidance provided by our Project Lead, Angela Chaney.  Lupine Partners was with us every step of the way and our transition to Voyager was completed on time and on budget.

In 2014, we enlisted the help of Lupine Partners again, to evaluate our current business processes.  Our goal was simple...get more out of our significant investment in Yardi's annual licensing fees.   Their findings and recommendations lead to a broad initiative to implement/enhance usage of core system functionality including, Critical Dates, Workflows, Notifications, Correspondence, Custom Tables, Custom Financial Analytics, and Reporting.

I cannot thank Amy McNeill, our Project Lead and Amy Beesley enough.  Their training has been invaluable and their responsiveness and support throughout this project has been stellar.   Thank you for your expertise, professionalism and incredible work ethic.  You've exceeded all our expectations!

Any organization faced with concerns related to software selection/implementation, project management, training, or reporting can rest assured that Lupine Partners has an in-house expert on the subject in their arsenal."
Debbie Garrow
Database Manager
River Oaks Properties

It Was A Pleasure!

"It was a pleasure working with Brian Wood, Angela Chaney, and Debbie Graves as they helped us with our software conversion to Yardi.  We went from utilizing 5 standalone software products to one integrated solution.  The Lupine team was very knowledgeable, professional, and patient in helping us identify our goals, defining a clear roadmap, setting realistic expectations, and implementing the software to fulfill our needs.

The Lupine team utilized their expertise and extensive background to help keep us on schedule to meet our conversion deadline.  When a difficult decision was needed to be made, they walked us through the pros and cons and helped facilitate communication between us and the Yardi team.  It was reassuring to know that we could rely on them to help get us to the finish line.   Singh would be happy to recommend Lupine Partners to any company needing assistance in a software conversion and implementation."
Raj Grewal
Singh Development, LLC

Understood Our Needs As A Company!

"Embrey is a fully integrated development, construction and property management operation specializing in multifamily projects.  We engaged Lupine Partners, a highly recommended firm in this industry, to guide our management team through the Yardi Voyager implementation.  From the introductory meeting, through the implementation process and finally the post ‘go live’ support, Lupine was there to consult and direct our implementation team from beginning to end.  The consultant understood our needs as a company, and due to her expertise we were able to avoid common software implementation pitfalls and customize the software to meet our business needs."
Cindy Ash, CPM
Embrey Management Services, Ltd.

Methodology That Works!

"When we were faced with what seemed to be an insurmountable task of converting from an antiquated custom Financial Property Management and Payroll system to a modern system which could provide the services and support needed to run our continually growing enterprise, we almost did not know where to start.  Thankfully we were put in touch with Lupine Partners and it became evident immediately that Lupine had the proven experience and methodology to help us be successful with our daunting project.  From our first phone call Lupine provided a logical and structured approach to guide us through developing an organized list of system requirements and selection criteria, working with potential providers to vet their offerings and ensure our criteria was met in a satisfactory manner, creating a detailed project plan with our selected providers, helping to manage the implementation process and keep it on schedule and ultimately filling in any project management or development gaps during the project.  I have no doubt that our success in this major undertaking would have been severely hampered without the attentive, patient, educated and professional guidance of David Wolfe and Lupine Partners."
Jason Zachariah
Chief Technology Officer
Lerner Companies and Washington Nationals Baseball Club

I'd Recommend!

"Angela has been our "go-to" person at Lupine Partners for our Yardi system implementation.  She has been very helpful in guiding us through a data conversion and a few special projects.  She is skilled in identifying needs of a project, explaining the options available, and getting the work done.  I'd recommend her to anyone going through a similar system/data conversion."
Steve Ciesielski
Regional Manager
Wimmer Brothers

Professionals You Can Count On!

"I've been through several software conversions in my career, but none as smooth as having Lupine as a partner mapping out the implementation.  We had chosen Yardi as our new software and needed some specialized guidance to fine tune it to our needs.  Angela Chaney and Debbie Graves showed us where the rocks were.  Their knowledge of the product, patience with our people and dedication to the project guided us to our goal on time and on budget.

Professionals that you can count on!  Thank you."
Carl Pearce, CPA, CGMA
Pillar Commercial

A Phenomenal Job!

"I just want to let you know what a phenomenal job Angela and Debbie are doing with our implementations.   Angela has been a great project lead and is always available for any help we need, especially when I have those pesky accounting questions!  Debbie provides great backup support when needed and has been an invaluable resource to us when creating our training program.  They have not only helped us create a great training program, but have guided us through four successful implementations and we look forward to working with them for many more months to come as we complete our project.

I cannot speak more highly of them as individuals and as a team. Please pass along the kudos at your next available opportunity. "

Warm Regards,
Kelly Zibell, CCAM, CMCA, AMS
Systems Training Consultant

I Love Using Lupine!

"Brian conducted a Yardi construction training & Fiesta review this week.  I received positive feedback from all participants involved.  The comments I received was that Brian was extremely knowledgeable, had good teaching skills and demonstrated good patience.  I realize in your position you deal with more negative comments than positive but I wanted to take the time to express my appreciation with Brian and Lupine.  Any time my team emerges from a meeting or training session with more knowledge and ideas on how to improve their productivity then we just took one more step in achieving our company goals.

Again, Just one more reason why I love using Lupine!"

Thank you,
Bill Corrigan
United Equities, Inc.

Blessed To Have Your Crew!

"I came on board at CWD Real Estate Investment right after the team had selected Yardi Voyager as our new software and had selected Lupine Partners to guide us through the implementation process.  This was my sixth time to lead a group in a major software conversion and implementation process, so you would think that I would not need the services of a third party consultant.  I want to tell you, however, that we were blessed to have your crew guiding us in this implementation.  Yardi Voyager has a complexity level that makes it very useful to have someone who thoroughly knows their way around the software.  Both Angela and Brian have been very helpful resources and professional trainers.  The level of organization and communication that your team brought to the project kept us on track to meet our implementation goals.

David, as you know, we have been so pleased with Lupine Partners that we have hired you to help us with monitoring and testing of new Yardi Voyager updates.

Thank you for your service.
F. Larry Cruttenden, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
CWD Real Estate Investment

A Valuable Resource!

"Siegel-Gallagher Management Company interviewed several consulting firms to help us with our conversion to Yardi and were immediately impressed with Lupine’s approach.  We worked with Amy and Angela, who were both very knowledgeable and responsive to our many questions and concerns.   The weekly status meetings kept us on track throughout the implementation process, and the training our staff received before we went live covered everything that we needed to know.  They continue to be a valuable resource to us now that we’re fully implemented and using the new software.
Lindsay Kennedy
Senior Property Accountant
Siegel-Gallagher Management Company

Keep Up The Good Work!

"David, I just wanted to thank you and your team at Lupine for the terrific job you’ve done in supporting us here at Prescott.   We really appreciate the training provided by Angela and Brian – we are now so much more knowledgeable and productive in our day-to-day use of Yardi.   Our recently completed annual budget process was made significantly more effective thanks to Brian’s very thorough and patient instruction.  Finally, we wanted to thank you for your strategic advice on how we might better take advantage of the many useful features Yardi has to offer and for your assistance in helping us to strengthen our communication with the Yardi support team.

Keep up the good work!"
Steven A. Abney
Prescott Realty Group, Inc.

Patience and Calming Way

"I want to thank you for selecting Angela to work with us on our Yardi project.  I am sure I would not have survived without her expert knowledge of Yardi, her creative problem solving ideas, her PATIENCE and her calming way.  I am very fortunate to be supporting Eagle Realty Group while they work through this conversion, and I am sure we would not have made it to this point, with the success we have had, without her guidance and assistance."
Becky Stacy
Programmer Consultant
Western & Southern Financial Group/Eagle Realty Group

Positive and Beneficial

"Amy McNeill was instrumental in facilitating Cameron Management’s implementation of the Yardi Construction Management and Budget and Forecasting Modules.  With a mere half day of training on each, the company is using both modules efficiently.   The Budget and Forecasting Module was instrumental in the 2011 Budget process, saving enormous amounts of time on the forecasting future rents and other revenues.  And the use of the Construction Management module has eliminated the need for the supplemental schedules previously created in Excel for the lender draw request submittals.

The experience with Amy and Lupine has been both positive and beneficial for Cameron management.  I intend to use Lupine in the future for all of our Yardi training and accounting consulting needs. "
Christine Gabriel
Director of Finance and Administration
Cameron Management

Kudos to All!

"I wanted to express my thanks to you and your group for a job well done.  I am extremely pleased with the cooperation and commitment Lupine made to get this transition completed.

Amy, in particular, was fantastic.  She dedicated herself to working through the problems and getting the job done right.

Kudos to all! "
Terry Kennon
Managing Director
Urban America Advisors

A Great Decision

"When we decided to change software, we knew we needed an outside consultant to help us with the process.   We are so happy that we chose Lupine to assist us with the conversion and implementation.

From the beginning, Angela was a very calming influence and was diligent in all aspects during the entire conversion process.   Her organization and weekly phone calls helped keep us focused and on task in preparing for the conversion.  Angela was very persistent in finding resolutions to our issues and she resolved them in a timely manner.

Lupine was a great resource to us in all stages of the conversion and implementation process.  Lupine made implementing new software far less painful than it would have been without their support."
Deanna Shank
The Fiore Companies, Inc.

Very Detailed and Professionally Done

"The Charlotte Housing Authority had a very large task to achieve, which was to identify unique reporting and data collection requirements for our MTW Program.  There were five departments within our agency that this applied to.   These requirements had to be incorporated into our Yardi application.  In reviewing several consulting companies’ resumes, I selected to speak with Lupine Partners.  After my lengthy discussions with Lupine Partners and consultant Amy McNeill, I chose to have my project performed by Lupine Partners.

During the site visit, Amy conducted a detail assessment of all five departments’ reporting and data collection requirements.   Lupine Partners’ results were very detailed and professionally done.  The assessment was accepted by CHA and Amy began her work.

Lupine Partners has made our working relationship very pleasurable and we have found Amy to be knowledgeable in every aspect of their services.  We were extremely pleased with her quick responses, and willingness to help and serve us.  We can count on Lupine Partners for answers and fast turnaround, and we are happy to provide a very positive testimonial to their work."
Ralph Vestuti
Charlotte Housing Authority

Professionalism At Its Best

"When we converted to Yardi Enterprise in 2004, we did it on our own without a consultant using only Yardi’s trainers.   After six years, I felt that we were still greatly under-utilizing the software.  When we made the decision to upgrade our software to Voyager, it was suggested that we use Lupine Partners for the training and implementation.  Unfortunately, my boss had a very bad experience using outside consultants on a major software conversion and was not in favor.  I had to promise that this project would not go over budget and to my great pleasure and surprise, it did not.  Hiring Lupine Partners to help with the upgrade to Voyager was the very best decision we could have made.  They have literally walked us through the entire process from evaluating our needs, to training, to implementing.   They are a great team of professionals.

I should have known after reading the first newsletter that they were all about fun when I saw that the annual Christmas party was at the bowling alley.   What I didn’t know was that they are also about hard work and fantastic customer service.  We are extremely happy and impressed with the quality and expertise of our consultant and trainer, Angela Chaney.  She was so good, I threatened to kidnap her and not let her go back.   Even though we still have a long way to go, with the help of Lupine Partners I honestly believe that within the next year, we will be achieving our highest goal of utilizing the system to the fullest extent possible.  Working with Lupine, has been a wonderful experience.   I strongly recommend them for anyone who wants to get the job done right the first time! "
Beth A. Thomas
River Oaks Properties

Kept Us On Task and Within Budget

"Lupine Partners was a perfect fit for our Authority.  We contracted with Lupine to assist us in creating a RFP and evaluating the responses for a new software vendor.  David and his staff were easy to work with and very professional.  They created a project plan that kept us on task and within budget.  David was always very responsive and available for questions and helped us work through various issues.  Throughout the entire process we had progress meetings to keep us on track to meet our goals.   It was a very successful partnership and we look forward to working with Lupine in the future."
Marilyn Wnuk
IT Manager
Housing Authority of St. Louis County

Key To Our Successful Conversion

"Any company that has delayed a software conversion for any reason should contact Lupine Partners immediately.  United Equities, Inc. is a good example of a company that struggled with the idea if the time was right to finally upgrade its software.  The obvious questions were there – Do we have the time?  How are we going to achieve this goal without disrupting the day-to-day activities?   How much is this going to cost?  From the first meeting with David Wolfe I quickly realized his knowledge of the real estate industry and software product was extremely high.  The time he spent outlining the entire process along with the experience of his team assured us the time was right for us to upgrade our software.  During the conversion it came apparent that David and his team have the unique ability to maintain the focus of their clients in an effort to minimize any anxiety and fears.  This in my opinion was the key to our successful conversion.  We are proud to be part of the Lupine family and feel that we have a great support system for the future.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the entire staff at Lupine Partners for the patience, guidance and professionalism they showed our company during our software conversion."
Bill Corrigan
United Equities, Inc.

The Perfect Match For Us

"What do you do when you have…

  • a three month schedule to implement and convert from an old accounting software to Yardi?
  • the first company to self host the PayScan module?
  • the only company to go through a Voyager and PayScan implementation at the same time?
  • a staff reluctant to change?
  • 5 different modules (Construction, Budget & Forecasting, Commercial, Investment Accounting, PayScan) to get up and running?

It was recommended we call Lupine Partners.

After completing an extensive software evaluation lasting over a year, it was clear the team and the project needed a shot of momentum.  The implementation and conversion needed to be complete by the end of the year, a mere 3 months away.   It was a very aggressive timeline.  We needed a fast acting firm with the experience to help focus our efforts and manage the project.  7 days after meeting David Wolfe, Lupine was able to complete a site survey, prepare a budget, deliver a project plan and schedule the kickoff meeting.

No software conversion is easy.  When you pile on all of the elements above, you must have a team you can rely on to be extremely knowledgeable, flexible and easy to work with.  Angela was the perfect match for us and was instrumental in helping us to bring the project in on time and under budget.

If you are in a position where you need guidance, I would highly recommend using Lupine."
Todd DeShelter
Vice President - Technology Services
Cambridge Healthcare Properties

Their Contributions Have Been Invaluable

"Once we had made the decision to convert our property management and accounting systems from MRI to Yardi, the next decision was to select either Yardi in-house personnel or a consultant to help with the conversion.  My initial inclination was to use the Yardi staff.   After one meeting with David Wolfe of Lupine Partners, I was convinced otherwise.

David and his team of highly professional, personable, educated and well-trained employees carried us through the process on time and on budget.  After laying out an aggressive conversion plan, involving four separate cut-over dates over a three month period, his team went to work.  Their weekly progress meetings not only kept us accountable, but kept us forward-thinking on the timing and requirements for up-coming tasks.   Their staff was always available to help with questions, to work through processes and to help us acquire an initial understanding of how the new systems would work in relation to our experience with the former system.  They understood the importance of allowing our staff to perform certain tasks and work through various business practices in our own way, rather than taking the reins and doing it all themselves.  If there were options to consider, they would present them to us, allowing us to make a final selection.  Rather than create a system design for us, they worked with us to help us create our system; one that would fit like a glove with our company’s practices and philosophies.

There are few things in life as frustrating as a system conversion!  The Lupine Partners team was always positive and motivated to help us achieve our goals.  Their expertise and knowledge of both the MRI and Yardi systems kept our frustrations to a minimum, as they were able to produce solutions very timely, and keep our project moving.  We continue to work on ancillary projects with them.  Their contributions to our company’s success in this conversion process have been invaluable.  I highly recommend Lupine Partners for your conversion or other system-related project. "
Joanne Massey
Sundance Square

Lupine Partners will be the First Place I Look
for any Future Consulting

"David Wolfe of Lupine Partners oversaw a complex multi-database MRI conversion for TIG during the 4th Quarter of 2009.   This project had several moving parts, involved multiple companies and we were all working under an extreme amount of pressure to meet stringent deadlines.  Mr. Wolfe was an absolute pleasure to work with, he was thorough, accurate, and on time.  We met prior to the commencement of the project and he outlined the expectations and walked us through the logistics of his part of this project, he maintained open lines of communication from start to finish and certainly exceeded our expectation for a flawless conversion.   Mr. Wolfe and Lupine Partners will be the first place I look to for any future consulting required by either my company or any of my investment clients."
Monica Milstead
Director of Properties, V.P.
TIG Real Estate Services

Your Book Made me Look Like a Hero!

"We could never have come so far without your book.

We have just completed our software selection project.  There were six of us on the team representing 81 years of experience with Community Partners.  Many members of the team have been with the company for 15-20 years and have said to me “I have never been on a committee that has run so efficiently and which has accomplished such a huge body of work.”  Without exception, every person on the team expressed to me, multiple times, what a challenging but rewarding experience it was.  Also, that this was the most productive and efficiently run project they have ever worked on, and everyone on the project team wants to continue to be involved with implementation.

David, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this project would still be dragging along were it not for my good fortune in finding your book.   The team met for 4 hours each week, followed the steps in the book…….proceeding slowly so we could finish faster.  Our first meeting was in the first week of October, 2009.  We signed the contract on 4/15/2010.  As the project lead, I felt confident that I knew what we were doing and where we were going.

You and your book made me look like a hero!"
Blanche Couture
Community Partners, Inc.

True Professionals In Their Field

"Our introduction to Lupine Partners was made through the sales team with Yardi.  Lupine, based out of Dallas, TX, was a strategic partner of Yardi Systems and had assisted them in numerous software implementations.  Meetings were arranged with Yardi and Lupine both to review the needs of PCI.  Our first impression of Lupine Partners from this initial meeting was wonderful.  David Wolfe, their President, sat with the entire staff of PCI and went step by step through our business model, asking intuitive questions that really made us probe deep into our current process.  I remembered being amazed that David had grabbed on to and understood our model so quickly.  By the end of the meeting the choice was easy for us to make.  Lupine felt as if they not only understood what we were trying to accomplish but understood how they could make it work within Yardi without redesigning or completely customizing the system.  To me that brought significant value.

Lupine’s proposed plan for implementation was not only very well laid out but easy to follow.  They had mapped out the complete process of the implementing each module and tried to do so within our time frame in mind.  Our Lupine “Team” of Brian Wood and Angela Chaney were going to be there with us every step of the way.  They both came with a very strong back ground in finance and IT.  Both were not only very well versed with Yardi but also what it took to coordinate with the Yardi support personnel and to drive a complete implementation.

Our implementation began with a series of in-depth discovery meetings to really help unfold how we currently managed our business and financial processes and how we planned on taking that into the future.  Brian and Angela really took control of the discovery meeting helping steer the conversation in a way that helped them get the information they needed but kept the ideas and conversation on task.  At the same time they never missed the opportunity to come back to something new that wasn’t thought of before.  As a business professional, we always have in our mind this “ideal way of doing things.”  We really took time to discuss how Yardi may improve our own habits that we have now and ultimately change how we would work day to day.

It is my opinion that the discovery period is the most important phase for the customer in the development of the implementation with Lupine.  Be prepared to “roll up your sleeves and work” and know that when it is over, Lupine will go back and work even harder!  Once we met our schedule of deliverable items to Lupine the magic really began.  We were always updated with weekly team conference calls and reports.  We were shown the progress every step of the way.  When there was a need to be included further in the discussion they never hesitated to reach out to that particular person in PCI for clarification.  It was truly a well coordinated effort.

As the project wrapped up we were provided custom training guides for our reference that would help focus us on more of the day to day tasks.  The guides were well laid out and have been very useful to this day.  They even held full scale training for our staff and allowed everyone to work in a “Test Environment” that modeled the real one so we could get the most out of training.  At the end of the day, they brought the project in on schedule and under budget.

After we went Live with Yardi, Lupine was still there to help us with questions or issues.  That has probably been the most impressive thing about Lupine Partners.  They haven’t left our side and we continue to speak to them about new ways to improve upon a very robust program like Yardi.  David and his team get our highest recommendation as true professionals in their field."
Gray Harrison
VP of Project Development
Physicians' Capital Investments, LLC

This Is A Fantastic Tool

"Watching the Lupine Do it Yourself Guide we were able to quickly identify what we needed to do for our Voyager Conversion.  The Lupine team laid out the steps in easy to understand format that our entire group could understand.  The guide walked us through each module and told us what action items needed to be completed.   Using this series has helped us to identify what we have a good grasp of and where we have gaps.  This is a fantastic tool for someone on a budget or self motivated group to implement Yardi Voyager."
Phillip Jackson
Director of MIS
Price Edwards & Company

A Part of Our Company's Success

"I have had the pleasure of working with Lupine Partners, David Wolfe, Brian Wood and Angela Chaney, since 2006. We are a large fee based property management company that utilize Lupine's expertise and knowledge in writing custom reports for us. They are a wonderful, dedicated and very knowledgeable group of people to work with. They are a part of our company's success. I can always count on them to give 200%.

You guys are Awesome!!"
Deborah DeWall
Project Manager, IT Department
Pinnacle, An American Management Services Company

An Experienced and Tight-Knit Team

"I had the pleasure of partnering with David and the Lupine Partners team on a system requirements and software selection project for a very large public pension organization.  Their team was competent, professional, and easy to work with throughout the engagement.  Lupine’s depth of knowledge about the real estate software market and direct experience in implementation were drawn upon heavily during our project to identify and catalog over 1,000 system requirements supporting the needs of a $20+ billion real estate portfolio.  Despite organizational changes that shifted priorities and timing during the project, Lupine remained flexible and adapted to our needs.  David’s focused and efficient style minimized wasted effort, and I am confident we got to the “right answer” when the selection process was over.   We considered engaging larger consulting firms to perform this work, but in my opinion, bringing on the experienced and tight-knit team at Lupine was absolutely the right call.  Based on their stellar performance, Lupine has already been signed on for additional work and will likely have a long-term relationship with this organization."
Keith Richey, PMP
Vice President
Propoint Technology, Inc.

I'm Using It To Manage All My Projects

"David’s book really pulls the curtain back and makes it all seem so simple.  I started using my highlighter on the second paragraph of the first chapter and haven’t stopped.  When I told my boss how great the book is and shared some of the things I had learned with him, he had me buy another copy for my counterpart.  I can’t imagine how much better I would be as a project manager if I had had this book to refer to 7 years ago when I started.  I’m using the tools and instruction he’s provided to manage all my projects regardless of what stage they are in.  This book won’t go on my bookshelf.  This one stays on my desk!"
Yvette Snow
Business Analyst
Behringer Harvard

Professionalism and Efficiency

"Lupine Partners, David Wolfe and Calleen Castle, successfully assisted our agency in software selection and implementation. We contracted with Lupine to provide a documented work flow analysis. This analysis was then utilized to develop a 200+ page detailed RFP for an agency-wide software procurement. During this process David and Calleen structured a plan that fully met our needs and executed the plan with professionalism and efficiency. They met our agency needs while staying within budget and timeframe. Throughout this process, they kept our management staff fully abreast of the status of the project. The end result was a well organized RFP based on the interviews and documents from the work flow analysis. Lupine remained engaged and lent their strong organizational skills throughout the RFP process up to the selection of the software vendor. Due to their strong performance during the RFP and software selection process, CMHA contracted again with them for project management for the implementation of the selected software. David created a project plan with full details, performed training on project management and executed the plan with Calleen as the on site manager. Due to their experience and expertise, we were fully prepared to go through this process. As a result staff were prepared to expect the unexpected and to handle difficult issues and decisions. With their help, we successfully went live on time and within budget. We highly recommend Lupine Partners, David and Calleen for your next project."
Reema Ruberg
Director, Finance & Information Technology
Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority

An Invaluable Asset

"Brian Wood was an invaluable asset during our conversion.  Lupine's experience and conversion road map helped us navigate through our Yardi conversion and helped us complete our conversion on schedule.

Mr. Wood's accounting experience enhanced with his technology background, created a communications bridge between our departments that was in-valuable during our conversion.  He was a great single source of information for every one involved.

We continue to use Mr. Wood's expertise and have found that his post-conversion knowledge is as valuable as his pre-conversion assistance.  His ability to assist us with accounting issues, custom report requests, system setup and maintenance issues was and continues to be a great resource for us."
Joe Gomez
J.I. Kislak, Inc.

Excellent Customer Service

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Lupine Partners. They have excellent customer service and surpassed their reputation! Both Brian Wood and David Wolfe worked closely with Shelter to understand our mixed portfolio and our business needs. They were extremely knowledgeable in helping Shelter identify and implement a new Property Management System. Lupine managed the project from the start, keeping us and most importantly, the vendor on track. I would highly recommend them!"
Sandy Scheuerman
Director Information Technology
The Shelter Group

A Definite A+

"I haven't written a book report for many years, but I did read your entire book some time ago and found it interesting and very easy reading.

I never gave much thought to the cost of huge, complex programs that cost megabucks, but my experience on a much smaller scale confirms what you are saying about really trying to find out what you are getting.  The Humane Society here, leased shelter software about 2 years ago.  The decision was made only by the shelter administrator.  The salesperson for the software is also the technical contact, the other person in the company is her husband and not many shelters use it.  By the standards in your book this already should have given it a failing grade.  Many parts of the program are difficult to use and a lot of it is never used and they are reluctant to make changes.  The software is internet based and we do not have access to the raw data files.  To top it all off, our administrator, who never really knew how to use the program, resigned.  This is probably a good example for the old saying, “ Failure is not an option….It comes bundled with the software”

I would give your book a definite A+."
Arnie Jensen
Retired Geologist

Top-Shelf Project Management

"With an approximately 33,000 unit portfolio, the task of converting the properties and accounting information could have been overwhelming for our internal technical resources. The technologists at Lupine did a great job of helping us break a big project down into sizable chunks, setting up the procedure and initial training, spending a good deal of time on the application setup, and in providing top-shelf project management through the entire deployment cycle. Lupine brings a unique (and very desirable) mix of big-picture project management and meticulous attention to detail and that combination was a critical piece in our conversion puzzle. I recommend Lupine Partners for any company (regardless of size) contemplating such a migration - they are a valuable resource in all aspects of the process from initial planning to post implementation report creation."
Tom Figert
Director Information Technology
BH Management Services

The Key to Success

"Lupine Partners’ Brian Wood was a key contributor in our business transition and data conversion. As the Project Manager, he gained a thorough understanding of our business and guided us through all related decisions. Brian’s knowledge and experience in Accounting principles and Property Management allowed our successful and “on-time” implementation."
Michael Shaughnessy
IT Director
Lyon Management Group, Inc.

A Timeless and Valuable Reference Manual

"Finally, a comprehensive reference guide framed around the selection of software!!

In his typical straight-forward and pragmatic style, David Wolfe walks readers through the elements required in the selection of enterprise software. By covering all aspects of the process (from creating an RFP to the sharing of his experience in the form of anecdotes and examples) David has created a timeless and valuable reference manual.

If self aggrandizing platitudes and rah-rah speeches are needed to feel good about the critical enterprise touching process of software implementation, you should probably look elsewhere. If, on the other hand, getting the job done, getting it done right, and the first time gives you not only a feeling of accomplishment, but is required to make the project work, this reference text will quickly become a valuable tool in the arsenal of ideas.

A company’s ability to analyze needs, organize workgroups, plan and implement an effective software initiative can be extremely complex and requires the participation of far more than the IT Department. This book explores not only the IT element of a software project, but calls on true stakeholders to assume “ownership” of their portion of the project. Through a straight-forward and pragmatic delivery, David Wolfe brings all the needed ingredients together in a valuable reference for anyone involved in managing a substantial software implementation project."
D. Thomas Figert
Director of Information Technology
Sarofim Realty Advisors

One of the Top Instructors Ever!

"I have used Brian several times and wanted to let you know what great service Brian has performed for WAK Management. As a CPA, I have attended numerous computer training seminars. Brian focuses on the subject matter yet is very flexible. I would have to rate Brian as one of the top instructors I have ever studied under in 20+ years. Extremely knowledgeable!"
Kirk Rouse
Wak Management, Inc.

Recommended Without Reservation

"Lupine Partners provided invaluable assistance throughout the entire process of our conversion. Lupine assisted us with the selection of software, conversion, implementation of our software and ongoing enhancements. It would be hard to believe that many other consultants could provide such a wide breadth of knowledge of accounting, property management, and technology. There is no question that without the help of Lupine our conversion would have been longer, more costly, and ended up with a less functional system. They were able to provide us with a clear plan and realistic expectations and when required responded to any issues that we had immediately. It would be without reservation that we would recommend Lupine Partners to any real estate company looking to meet their technology goals."
Phillip Jackson
Director of MIS
Price Edwards & Company

We Wouldn't Have Made It Without Lupine

"The service, support and expertise Lupine provided was instrumental to our successful conversion. Without Lupine, we would have never made our Go-Live date. The training of my staff and turn-around times on our issues was extremely impressive. I look forward to working with Lupine in the future."
Scott Ewart
Director of Information Technology
Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County Maryland

Book is a Must for Any Business Professional

"Where was David Wolfe when we needed him during the dot com heyday? Just about every startup and corporation would have saved invaluable time, energy and money if this book were around back then. Thankfully we have it now. This is a book that has been lacking in the market. Wolfe has done a tremendous job of taking the seemingly difficult task of evaluating software and written it in a way for the layman to understand and even enjoy. His book is a must for any business professional, whether you're in sales, marketing, design or development.”
Ed Baran
Web Site Guru

The Software Magicians...

"You guys are magicians...did you sleep at all this week? Thanks for all of your hard work. We will continue testing and let you know if any changes need to be made. It is really great to have a vendor that we can count on in a pinch!! Thanks again."
Sha'Vaughn McLaughlin
I.T. Manager

Lupine Partners is Awesome!

"The association that we had with Lupine Partners was awesome. David Wolfe did an incredible job making the best of conversion woes. Our project was originally scheduled to take 12 months (and that was pushing the envelope), but we completed the entire conversion in just 8 months. There were many things that were not in the original scope of the work that David was going to do for us, and were always on time. David handled and continues to handle all of our adverse (and there were a few) situations with the utmost diplomacy and professionalism. David always has an innovative solution to any problem that may arise. In other words, David ROCKS!!!!!"
Debbie Graves
FirstWorthing Corporation

It Works!

“David Wolfe has written a methodical and common sense approach to software selection…and it works! It is obvious this book is written for the layman – not for the consulting industry – it is easy to understand and follow. His insistence on taking a disciplined approach to software selection will insure that your selection and the accompanying implementation will be a success. Bravo David!”
Christine R. Stopps, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Triton Investment Company

A Success!

"The training classes are complete and I feel that the training was a success! Not only did we learn the product, but we had some good group discussions regarding the upcoming conversion and CIGNA/Times Square policies. Lupine Partners did a great job on the training."
Rita Perry
Transwestern Commercial Services

Implementation Success Thanks to Lupine

“American Industrial Properties (“AIP”) is very pleased to have the opportunity to work with David Wolfe and his associates at Lupine Partners. In 1998, AIP made the decision to internalize property accounting. Given AIP is a public company, it is critical to have correct property and financial information available in a timely manner.

Lupine Partners was a critical partner in the company’s efforts accomplishing the goal of internalizing accounting operations. AIP enlisted Lupine Partners to assist with the customization and implementation of the new software. In addition, Lupine was responsible for training the new accounting staff in working with the new system. AIP continues to engage Lupine as the company incrementally takes advantage of the vast potential of our software. David Wolfe and his team proved to have excellent knowledge of the software, and a willingness to explore with the company the possible applications and abilities of the software. David and his team have always been very responsive and realistic with their suggestions. AIP’s implementation of the software has been a success for the company as programs came in on time and on-budget thanks largely to the efforts of Lupine Partners.”
David Warner
Senior Vice President
American Industrial Properties

It Should Be Required Reading!

"David Wolfe has taken a seemingly difficult process and broken it down into manageable tasks. I consider his book to be required reading for anyone (layman and professional) who is involved in the technology evaluation effort. His ideas on project management are relevant for any project, not just software selection!”
David J. Doherty
Chief Executive Officer
Stanfield Systems, Inc.

Thinking Outside the Box

"Lupine Partners has proven itself to be a leader in the property management consulting field. They have helped our company design and implement several custom modules and reporting packages to streamline our business processes.  Their unique blend of product knowledge and ability to think outside of the box provided us the solution we needed. I would highly recommend their services to others looking for assistance with property management software."
Robert Auskalnis
Ashley Capital

Relying on Lupine Partners Since 1995

"Collins Development Company is a privately held commercial real estate company.  It has holdings of over 55 properties for which it manages throughout the state of California.  We have been relying on Lupine Partners for our application software support since in 1995.  Lupine has helped us with all phases of use including electronically converting data from our old system, implementation and training, special projects and customization, and more recently, the conversion from the DOS to Windows SQL version of the application.  Lupine Partners combines business understanding along with an in-depth product knowledge and has always been extremely responsive to our needs and timetables. Not only has Lupine's extensive knowledge of the software been of great help, but their willingness to help, commitment and dedication to her clients has helped make the software a success in our organization.  We are very happy with the service Lupine has been able to provide to our organization and look forward to a continuing professional long-term relationship with her and Lupine Partners.

I have no hesitation in providing Lupine Partners a very strong recommendation for their service.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me."
Edward C. Sequin, Jr.
Vice President Finance & Administration
Asset Management Group

Expertise and Reliability

"Cabot Industrial Trust is a fully integrated national real estate company focused on industrial space.  We chose Lupine Partners to assist us in our software conversion after a thorough review process of several consulting firms.  We felt Lupine offered us the expertise and reliability needed for a successful conversion.  Lupine Partners did an excellent job of keeping the vendor as well as us on track.  He had great insight on the software and technical aspects of the conversion.  We are very pleased we selected Lupine Partners as our project consultants."
Debra Daniels
R.E. Operations Manager
Cabot Industrial Trust

If Only It Was Around 15 Years Ago

"I wish this had been available 15 years ago....David Wolfe’s book would be extremely helpful to anyone entering the software selection process. The company examples are perfect and the readers will be able to easily relate to them. Starting the book with the potential land mines is a great way to get the reader instantly engaged. Walking through identifying company needs and the RFP process and even providing an example is a real bonus!“
Michele Wheeler, CPA
Chief Financial Officer

We Keep Coming Back!

"I have worked with David Wolfe since 1997 when my company converted our enterprise software.  At that time, he wrote 80-90% of our custom reports.  We went back to him repeatedly with new requests for reports in the subsequent years.  David was always quick to respond and provided us with the information we needed in a timely manner.

Most recently, David and his staff successfully converted our software from Dos to Windows.  I was very impressed with David's planning and organization of the conversion process.  He and his staff guided us through every aspect of the conversion - from installing the software, converting the data, writing reports, writing custom processes and training.  When the conversion of the data was completed, David kept himself available to answer questions and solve problems.  This was very important to us and kept our downtime to an absolute minimum. 

David also has a very capable staff to support him.  They were and continue to be a tremendous help.  Everyone at Lupine is very knowledgeable of the product and are quick to respond to questions and requests. 

I look forward to working with Lupine as we continue to grow and have additional needs."
Michelle Wiggs
Assistant Controller
CenterAmerica Property Trust, L.P.

Crucial Problem Solvers

" David Wolfe and his team proved to be crucial in assisting us through numerous issues with our conversion.  David Wolfe did not only identify and solve problems to make the software meet our business needs, he helped the software company refine its own product. Lupine Partners has continued to be a critical consulting source in our expanding requirements and reliance on our enterprise software."
Kenneth Homsi
Senior Accountant
Centex Development Company

One of the Most Creative Solution Groups in a Long Time

"The single most responsive and reliable resource I have found.  Would highly recommend Lupine Partners to anyone.

If I have a problem it is addressed immediately.  This is a quality group that has the ability to tackle a problem from several perspectives.  Technical guys formerly and a CPA who understands not only the accounting aspects of the software but also the real estate.  Lupine Partners is one of the most creative solution groups I have seen in a long time.” 
Michele Wheeler
Senior Partner
Champion Partners

Great Job!

“The set up of our new database, entity structure and intercompany went very smoothly as did the training. The staff at Lupine Partners is very personable and knowledgeable and did a great job with implementation and follow-up. I would like to work with Lupine on any future projects we may have.”
Jan Melesky
Cooper & Stebbins

We Rely On Them For All of Our Consulting Needs

"Lupine Partners has been with us since 1997. David Wolfe and his team were instrumental in our conversion DOS to Windows and we still rely on them for all our consulting needs. We find them to be great people to work with on both a personal and professional basis. They possess a broad range of skills, accounting knowledge, systems and Internet knowledge. Lupine provides quality service and we look forward to a long-term relationship."
Dee Ann Gilgen
General Manager
Cooper Realty Investments, Inc.

Above and Beyond

"I came to Lupine Partners after experiencing horrendous customer service at another web design firm. From the beginning, I stressed my need for quick response time, good communication, and an appreciation for my company, the paying customer.  I'm happy to say that Lupine has met my expectations in regards to service.  Even though we encountered the differences and difficulties that inevitably occur when working on such a project, Lupine handled them tactfully, respectfully and promptly. Lupine Partners has gone above and beyond to make sure I've been happy with their product and service.  I expect Earth Science Laboratories' involvement with Lupine Partners to endure many years."
Michelle Mader
Director of Marketing
Earth Science Laboratories

Innovative Solutions

“We chose Lupine Partners to manage our accounting and property management conversion and have been very pleased by the wonderful customer service and amazing ability to find innovative solutions to difficult problems. We always felt as though David Wolfe owned the project and he always made us feel as though we were his only client.”
Brian Wood

We Count on Lupine Partners

"Lupine Partners has provided a number of services for us including custom report writing, in-house software training, and phone support.  We have been extremely pleased with their knowledge, quick responses, and willingness to help and serve us. We can count on Lupine for answers and fast turnaround, and we are happy to provide a very positive testimonial to their work."
April Bull
Hawkins Smith

Objective, Independent, Experienced

“Kennedy Associates Real Estate Counsel worked with Lupine to select the best-fitting software for our business. David Wolfe was an integral part of our project team and helped us establish the format and process for documenting our evaluation of the various software products. He was able to bring an objective and independent viewpoint to our process, as well as strong familiarity with the software and first-hand experience with implementation at property management companies. We were pleased with Lupine's consulting service and would be happy to serve as a reference for prospective clients.”
Steve Bremner
Chief Financial Officer
Kennedy Associates Real Estate Counsel


"Lupine Partners has been our primary software support resource since 1995. Lupine is very knowledgeable and the attention and response to our needs is terrific."
Tom Rutherford
Chief Financial Officer
Layton Belling and Associates

Get-to-the-Point Methodology

“When software installations go bad, they usually do so for lack of a full and complete understanding of the business requirements necessary to get the desired results. Getting to a clear understanding of what you are trying to accomplish is not as easy as it seems. David's book will help you avoid this problem with his get-to-the-point methodology. As a coach to software sales professionals, I recommend David Wolfe's book to you if you are considering making a major investment in a new software application."
Shamus Brown
Professional Software Sales Coach

A Well Conceived Plan

"I recently worked with David Wolfe and his staff on a major Mass-based REIT client. Lupine Partners was engaged to stabilize a DOS-based accounting system rendered ineffective by employee turnover and lack of adequate staff training during the initial system installation. A well-conceived plan jointly-developed by my client and Lupine and then managed by Lupine reduced employee stress, increased employee job satisfaction, simplified and enhanced the architecture of existing and additional reports and provided the staff with an enriching educational experience. Lupine then planned, managed and controlled a very effective conversion to a Windows-based environment. I found David and other members of the Lupine staff to be professional, focused and highly-motivated to serve their client in a timely and most effective manner. It was an honor and a privilege for me to participate in this project with Lupine Partners.”
John C. Hoffmann
CPA and Consultant

Wonderful Experience

"Working with Lupine Partners has been a wonderful experience for our company.  In the short time we have been dealing with them, I have been very delighted with their immediate response and the effort they put forth to resolve our issues.  They have helped us get the information we need to make our company run smoothly. 

Lupine Partners has made our working relationship very pleasurable and we have found them to be knowledgeable in every aspect of their services."
Maureen Dolan
Nemer Properties

In Tune with the People They Serve

"We have worked with Lupine Partners for more than 4 years now. They have helped us with everything from conversions to custom reporting. They have a superior knowledge of the software and have proven to be the most effective resource  for this product. David Wolfe, as well as all other team members, have demonstrated their professionalism, dedication and personal commitment to get the job done. Their responsiveness, understanding and personal attention lend them to be "in tune" with the products and people they service."
Ann-Marie Curtin
Prime Asset Management

Sole Source for Support

"My organization has been using Lupine Partners for support on our enterprise software program for two years or more. I have always found them to be very knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive to our requests for support. Lupine Partners has been extremely helpful in making customizations to our database; they have made changes to our setup that the software company told us were not possible to make. We are so pleased with Lupine that it is our sole source for support. I am pleased that Lupine is growing and am confident that with its top quality staff Lupine will be around for quite some time."
Tonia Landholm
System Administrator & Assistant Controller
Retirement Systems of Alabama

Ingenuity and Skill

"Riggs Bank N.A. is transitioning from the DOS world with distributive processing to rolling out Windows to all of its reporting sites. Lupine Partners has provided outstanding service to Riggs in the areas of customization, training, trouble-shooting windows processing issues, and planning for the conversion of the remainder of our DOS sites. 

Lupine Partners has delivered numerous assignments in a highly professional manner, showing ingenuity and skill in problem solving. During a site visit, the Lupine staff greatly assisted in configuring our SQL Server, ArcServe backup and numerous other tuning operations.In short, Lupine has been an excellent resource in Riggs’ efforts to maximize the use of software in its real estate operations." 
Bill Higgins
IT Manager
Riggs MEPT

It's Always Great Working With Lupine

"Starmount Company has worked with Lupine Partners since 1997.  They have written many custom reports for us and did our DOS to Windows conversion.  Lupine rewrote all of our financial reports for the conversion.  It has always been
great working with Lupine and they always complete our projects on time.

We worked with David Wolfe on setting up recoveries and it has worked great.  Everyone at Lupine Partners is always professional.  We plan to use Lupine Partners in the future when we install additional modules for software and converting to newer versions."
W. Franklin Minton
Starmount Company