Software School Schedule - Technical

    T9001  90Become a Guru in Creating Reports using Custom Analytics
Can you use Excel?  If yes, then you can become a pro at create reports using Custom Analytics.
    T9002  90Data Extraction 101
This class is a must-take if you ever have to 'pitch' data to another system.  Learn the tools that are available to you along with Yardi's data schema.
    T9003  90Transact SQL 101
For the most part you can't create custom reports in Yardi unless you know some Transact SQL.  It's not as hard as you think.
    T6001  60Determining Which Tools to Use When Creating Financial Statements
The good news is that Yardi has many tools to create financial statements.  The bad news is that Yardi has many tools to create financial statements…Tune in to learn about the tools along with our recommendations.
    T4501  45Using the Financial Report 'Notes' Functionality
Quit exporting to Excel or hand writing on printed reports.  This functionality is so easy you'll want to kick yourself for not learning it sooner.   Don't wait, start the happy dance now!
    T4502  45The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Establishing Interfaces with Other Software Systems
Can't spell API much less know what it means…join us for a discussion around Yardi's approved interfaces and what you can do if you need to create an interface to or from another software system.