Software School Modules
Administration  A4503The CORRECT Way to Use the Apply Credits/Prepaid Function
If this function is not handled correctly you can have a big mess on your hands.  This function is one of the least understood in the entire system.   Let us show you the right way and how the system handles prepaids on both a cash and accrual basis
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Commercial  C6006Understanding Specialty Leases (and the different amendments available)
What are they, who uses them, when do they use them.  We'll answer all these questions and more.  Tune in, this may be just what you've been looking for!
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General Ledger  G9004Advanced Strategies with GL Segments
There is a lot of potential power with these segments.  And they're not for everybody.  Join this class to learn the pros and cons of this terrific functionality and learn if Segments will help you.
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Job Cost  J4503Explaining Job Cost Adjustments
Adjustments are a great way to change or correct certain amounts in the job cost module WITHOUT having the changes hit the General Ledger.  Learn how.
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Maintenance  M6001Survey Says: Work Order Surveys!
You want to know how your team is preforming whether it's good or bad.   You want to keep your residents/tenants happy.  Give them the opportunity to brag on a job well done!
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P2P  P3005Out Of Office
Vacation!!  I should not have to approve invoices from the beach!  In this session, we will show you how to have someone still in the office 'cover' for you in the workflow process while you are catching some rays.
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Residential  R9005Becoming Friends with Gross Potential Rent (Setting up, Processing, and Troubleshooting)
This is an important topic and is not for the faint of heart.  If GRP is not setup correctly your financial statements will NEVER be correct.   Learn how this entry is created through the billing process.  Don't miss this class!
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Senior  S6004It's a Party!
Use Campaigns in Senior Living CRM to track events at your community.  Learn how to create events, track event expenses, and managing invitee lists
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Technical  T4501Using the Financial Report 'Notes' Functionality
Quit exporting to Excel or hand writing on printed reports.  This functionality is so easy you'll want to kick yourself for not learning it sooner.   Don't wait, start the happy dance now!
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