Software School Frequently Asked Questions's

Why are the classes so short?
So you'll learn!!!  We have found multi-day, single-topic sessions are the best way to become a Yardi Master User.

How are the sessions customized for me?
In advance of the class you can request the inclusion of certain sub-topics.  If we agree with your request we will include the sub-topics.  Note that this may increase the duration of the training session.

What Yardi Voyager modules are covered in your school?
Residential, Commercial, Maintenance, Job Cost, General Ledger, Procure to Pay, Admin Tasks, Senior Living and Technical.

Why is this school better than traditional in-classroom training?
Here is a partial list of reasons:

  • You don't have to sit through sessions that don't apply to you
  • You get to create your own customized library of classes - and we do all the heavy lifting for you
  • You learn more with 8, one-hour single topic trainings than you would every learn in one, 8-hour class
  • The agenda is customized to your needs
  • Single and highly-focused topics
  • Very experienced trainers and Yardi users
  • Low time investment, high educational yield
  • Session is recorded for future viewing
  • Great refresher training to pick the topics you may still feel week in
  • Can I ask questions during the session?
    Yes - but they will need to parked until we get to Q&A.  We've all attended classes where one person hijacked the class with an unproportioned number of questions.  We'll have time for questions at the end and will make sure that one person does not eat into YOUR time.  Also know that it is our intention to finish on time in order to respect your schedule…and ours.

    Why are there no classes in the afternoon?
    Answer:  Nap Time.  Decades of watching the post-lunch Snooze Fest caused us to create a policy of only conducting morning training sessions.  You're welcome…

    Can I have people attend with me?
    Yes, but they will have to look over your shoulder.  The system will only allow one login per supplied ID.   Our pricing is per person.

    Can you walk me through step by step how a single class would work?
    Visit our course offerings at

    Email questions and/or course selections to We will contact you to discuss scheduling, number of participants, agenda, and price.

    Once paid up, we will send you a link and login for the session.  We will start right on time.

    During the session, your phone will be muted.  Questions can be instant messaged in or can be put in the parking lot for inclusion in our Q&A session at the end of the training.   There IS time allotted for questions.

    Shortly after the class is over you will receive a link to the full training.

    What is the pricing?  Are their discounts if I sign up for more than one class?
    Yes, there are discounts if you sign up for 5 or more class.  Go to to see the price for each class duration segment.

    Can I book a class around my workload and schedule?
    Yes.  Just email us at

    What if the class goes over - do I have to pay more?
    No - that's on us.  But know we will be watching the clock…

    What if I don't remember something from the session?
    No problem.  After the session we will send you a link to the recorded session.  Watch as many times as you want afterwards.

    How many people can be on call?
    Our classes max out at 10 attendees in order for everybody to have time to ask questions.

    How did you come up with your topics?
    We didn't - our clients did.  Think of our school as a 'Greatest Hits' of Yardi problems and questions asked.

    What if I am late for the session?
    We will be starting on time so you will miss the section before you jump on the call.  However - know that the entire session will be recorded so you can view the beginning snippet once you receive the link from us.

    Can we use these classes for refresher training or are the sessions just meant for new Yardi users?
    Definitely use our school as a refresher training.  You may have 'aced' your go-live training but maybe there is still one topic or area you are struggling with…

    Where is your class calendar located?
    It is not published…because we provide customized training solutions.  One shoe definitely does not fit all - so we don't try.  Our school is meant to be a custom training solution for our clients.

    Is there any travel involved - for you or for us?

    Can we suggest classes to you?  Can you customize a session just for us?
    Yes!  And Yes!  Vote early and vote often…

    I don't really have time for this, why should I take one of your classes?
    Really?  You don't have 60 minutes to learn 'a thing' that may help you with your job and your career?  Turn off your phone and your email and come join our party.  Help us help you.

    Why are your training programs better than Yardi's?
    Don't know that they are better - they are just different.  Our school is based on customization and specific topics.  We are a small company and probably a little more agile than Yardi in creating training classes and material.  We don't use PowerPoint and you get a working, in-the-battlefield, consultant who is used to being onsite with our clients.  Also - we record YOUR session and email you the link after the session.

    How do I pay - check or credit card?
    In advance by check or ACH.  We will supply you with our banking information.  No logins or credentials for your sessions will be provided until our fee is received.