Lupine’s Single-Topic, Time-Accelerated,
Software School

Everybody at some point in time during their professional life has experienced the post-lunch, too-many-training-topics, I-want-my-blankee syndrome.  We have to teach in this environment ever single week.  Here’s what we see from our side:

  • Clients who can’t focus
  • Classes that are too complicated to digest in one setting.
  • The afternoon brain fog
  • The workload toll of just taking one day for training
  • Professionals don’t learn as well during all-day software trainings
  • Working with our clients we have created a new approach to after-implementation training for Yardi Voyager.  We call it:

    Lupine’s Single-Topic, Time-Accelerated, Software School
    (or byte-sized instruction for the busy user of Yardi Voyager…)

    We feel our one-topic-based offering is superior to traditional classroom sessions for a variety of reasons:

    • You don't have to sit through sessions that don't apply to you
    • You get to create your own customized library of classes - and we do all the heavy lifting for you
    • You learn more with 8, one-hour single topic trainings than you would every learn in one, 8-hour class
    • The agenda is customized to your needs
    • Single and highly-focused topics
    • Very experienced trainers and Yardi users
    • Low time investment. High educational yield
    • Session recording is done for you
    • Great refresher training to pick the topics you may still feel week in
    • Here’s how it all works:

      (1)  Visit our course offerings at

      (2)  Email questions and/or course selections to  We will contact you to discuss scheduling, number of participants, agenda, and price.  Once you are paid up we will send you a link and login for the session.  We will start exactly on time.  During the session, your phone will be muted.  Questions can be instant messaged in or can be put in the parking lot for inclusion in our Q&A session at the end of the training.  There IS time allotted in the agenda for questions.

      (3)  Contact us at to book one of our classes.