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Out of the Trenches-
Lessons from the Technology Front Line,

written by Lupine Partners President - David Wolfe, CPA

Are you ready to move to a new software platform, but just don’t know how to get started?   Have you read the horror stories of software projects "gone wild" and are you fearful of what might happen if your software package is not implemented the right way?

David Wolfe has thirty years of experience in business, most of them spent helping real estate companies negotiate software implementation minefields.  In this book, he leverages his knowledge and expertise to tell you how you can do the same.   Recounting success stories and even a few failures in an accessible and entertaining way, Wolfe will help you take your company into the 21st century – without making any wallet-draining mistakes.

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Do-It-Yourself Guide
to Implementing Yardi Voyager™
A Comprehensive Approach
By Lupine Partners

Planning a software implementation is something that MUST be done correctly in order to have a successful system migration.  Lupine Partners has once again taken our time-tested and proven methodology to bring you our Video Series on Implementing Yardi Systems' Voyager™ product.  The videos and documentation provided in this series will teach you how to implement Yardi Voyager without consultants, but within your time and financial constraints.

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