Software Evaluation

Using a tested methodology, Lupine Partners facilitates and quantifies the selection of real estate software packages for our clients.  Our goal is to get the 'best fit' for our clients using client-defined software functionality and features as the foundation for the selection.

We believe that a slower, more deliberate course will have a higher chance of success.  We slow our clients down:  some of the steps may take longer than if they were going through the process alone.  However, the time saved will be evident when the properly selected software is up and running at the end of the project.  We hope that our website will help clarify the software evaluation process and allow our readers to organize and run a professional software acquisition effort.  Lupine's goal is to make the software evaluation process understandable and navigable.

Remember that software evaluation and acquisition is a tactic, not an endgame.  We are evaluating tools that will make employers more efficient, and hopefully, more profitable.

Please read about additional software services Lupine Partners provides, including creation of Vendor Demonstration Scorecards, Facilitation of Scripted Demonstrations, and Requirements Definition.

Also visit our Products page to learn more about the book Software & Requirements & Vendors, Oh My!  A Project Team's Guide to Evaluating Business Software, written by David Wolfe.