Software School Schedule - Senior Living Module

    S7501  75Reviewing the Prospect Profile in Senior Living CRM
There are over 10 tabs of information available in the Prospect Profile.  This tutorial will review each one and discuss why they may be important.
    S6001  60Functions on the Resident Census
There are a lot of functions available on the Resident Census.  Learn what they all do in this class.  Includes: Linking Co-occupants, the Move-In Checklist, LOAs, Managing Services and more!
    S6002  60Using Correspondence in Voyager and CRM
The Correspondence function can be a little intimidating; however, this tutorial will walk you through the different uses in a clear and concise way.
    S6003  60What's in the Pipeline?
Proposals are a relatively new feature in Senior Living CRM.  This tutorial will go through the various Proposal stages from creation to winning (hopefully!)
    S6004  60It's a Party!
Use Campaigns in Senior Living CRM to track events at your community.  Learn how to create events, track event expenses, and managing invitee lists
    S6005  60Senior Living CRM Reports: How to Run Them and What They Mean
Senior Living CRM has wealth of reports available; however, many users just don't have the time to go through each one to see what they do.  This guide will go through how to run these reports and what they mean
    S4501  45Learn How to Run the Monthly Billing Function in Senior Living
The Monthly Billing Function in Senior Living can be a little confusing.  This tutorial will take you through running the function, editing the charge batch, and then creating and emailing the Payer Statements
    S4502  45Best Practices: Month-End Close
Explore different reports that can be used prior to running the Close Property and Close Period functions in Senior Living.
    S4503  45What are Bulk Functions?
Bulk Functions allow you to create activities and other Senior Living-related functions in bulk. Learn how to run these functions in Voyager and CRM.   To include: reassigning referrals and prospects and bulk activities
    S4504  45Waiting, Waiting, Waiting
The waitlist functionality is an important one in Senior Living.  Learn how to create wait units, put prospects on a waitlist, and cancel and approve the waitlist.
    S4505  45Using the Senior Living CRM Calendar
The Calendar in Senior Living CRM is quite robust.  Learn how to get the most use out of this powerful tool.
    S4506  45How to Customize the Senior Living CRM Dashboard
This dashboard is highly customizable, but what do all those widgets do?  This class will go through each widget's customizations and how to adjust the layout of your dashboard.
    S3001  30Global Contacts: What are they and why you need them
Global contacts are used far too little even though they can save you time.  Learn how to use them in both Voyager and CRM.