Software School Schedule - Residential Module

    R9001  90Residential Leasing Workflow 101
Go with the Flow!  Learn the correct steps for tracking your guests from walk- in to resident.
    R9002  90It's a Wrap!  Residential Month-End Close.
This class will demonstrate the Best Practices around closing the Residential books each month.
    R9003  90Figuring Out Deposit Accounting
They owe or they don't owe, or we owe them??  Deposit Accounting shouldn't be stressful…just follow these steps.
    R9004  90Amen…Amenity-Based Pricing
There is a lot that goes into making this terrific functionality work for you.  Beside the program there are strategies to know around naming your unit types and valuing each amenity.  A must-take for anybody contemplating or currently using ABP.
    R9005  90Becoming Friends with Gross Potential Rent (Setting up, Processing, and Troubleshooting)
This is an important topic and is not for the faint of heart.  If GRP is not setup correctly your financial statements will NEVER be correct.   Learn how this entry is created through the billing process.  Don't miss this class!
    R7501  75Knowing (and Appreciating!) Unit Assets
Many Yardi clients keep this information off to the side in an Excel spreadsheet.  There is some good functionality here that you can use.   You paid for this - why not use it?  We will tell you what the functionality is and how to get this information loaded into the software.
    R7502  75Late Fees - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
A common complaint that we hear is that 'Late fees don't work'.  Well…they do.  You need to know how they work, how to set them up, and what NOT to do.  We'll share what we consider to be Best Practices.
    R6001  60The Ins and Outs of the Residential Move-in Process
This seems simple, right?  It is once you know the process.  This class is great for new Yardi users and those wanting a refresher.
    R6002  60Residential Lease Renewals Revisited
If you like 'em… keep 'em.  How to make the renewal process smooth for both your residents and yourself.
    R6003  60Troubleshooting and Auditing Tenant Ledgers
This course is great if your tenant ledgers have gotten 'dirty'.  We'll show you some processes to repair the ledgers and also discuss preventative measures.
    R6004  60Residential Charges and Adjustments
Get your residents all charged up!  Creating charges correctly and what to do in those "oops" moments.
    R6005  60Receipts and Deposits – Reversing a Receipt
How many different ways can this be botched?  Survey says:  As many fingers and toes that you have.  Let us show the SAFE and correct way to do this.
    R6006  60The Ins and Outs of the Residential Notices and Move-Out Process
This is just like the 'Move-in' sister class - great for newbies and experienced hands alike.
    R6007  60Using Service Contracts
At Your Service - Let the system help you track service agreements with your vendors.
    R6008  60Well Isn't That Special...:  Setting up Leasing Specials
Lure them in and hook 'em!  These are so easy to use you should be ashamed if you aren't.
    R6009  60Understanding the Voyager 7S Interface
This ain't your 6.0 version of Yardi your mama taught you…Spend an hour with us as we take your through a guided tour of the terrific new functionality in Voyager 7S.
    R6010  60Property Controls
So many options, what should be set up to make your job easier?  This session will explain all of the advantages of using the property specific settings to help with everything from adding a month to month fee to managing your monthly renewal numbers.
    R4501  45Insights Into Rentable Items
Carports, Garages and Storage, Oh My!  Setup, assigning and charging rentable items allows you to get more income out of your property and keep your residents happy.
    R4502  45tting up Make Ready Tasks
Ready, Set, Make Ready?  Your maintenance staff may know what needs to be "done" to turn a unit…but are you tracking it.  Let us show you how.
    R4503  45Residential Unit Transfers: A Tutorial
Moving on up…or down…or to the next building?  Transferring tenants between properties or within the same property is easy.  Once you know the ups and downs.  We'll show you which way is up and which way is down.
    R4504  45Billing Non-Resident Leases 101
Who are you and why are you giving me money?  How to bill non-resident leases.
    R3001  30Posting Cash Receipts
Mis-applied cash receipts are probably the number one help desk call we get.  This class is a quick, but very important, session on the multiple ways to enter cash receipts.
    R3002  30Leasing Week
Leasing Week Security - Yes or No?  We will explain the reasons why this is a good option for you or not.  Should users be able to move-in or move-out someone with a date three months ago or not?
    R3003  30Reverse Charges vs. Write Offs
What to do?  Reverse the Charge or Write Off the Charge is the Question.  In this session, we will explain the differences and when reverse is the answer and when write off is the answer.
    R3004  30Reset Datamart
This class will explain how this function will assist in running reports.
    R3005  30Rebuild Occupancy
My weekly box score report does not balance!  What to do?  In this session, we will show you how to run this function to assist in the report balancing.