GPG Advisers Merges with Lupine Partners

IRVINE, Calif. and DALLAS, Jan. 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- GPG Advisers is pleased to announce the merger with Lupine Partners, a Dallas-based real estate consulting firm, for an undisclosed price.   Lupine specializes in Yardi evaluation and implementation services, as well as on-going support and business process optimization.  Complementing GPG's current offerings and expertise across multiple real estate product lines and verticals, Lupine's team contributes significant experience and Yardi Voyager product knowledge.

The two companies have a collaborative history, and going forward, the combined offering of Yardi consulting services will transition to a new name of "GPG Lupine Partners", in recognition of the strong brand awareness associated with Lupine's experience and client base.  David Wolfe, the founder and president of Lupine Partners, will continue to serve as president of the Yardi operation.   Commenting on the transaction, David states, "Our two companies have been working together with mutual clients for years.  It only made sense to merge our two organizations into one consulting organization to provide a larger, one-stop roster of consulting talent for our clients."

In addition to organic growth, mergers and acquisitions in recent years have given GPG substantial in-house experience with many product lines in the real estate space.  Jim Carr, Executive Director of GPG Advisers, adds, "We've collaborated in the past and highly respect David Wolfe and his team.  Having the Lupine organization now in the GPG Advisers family provides us with an immediate advantage in meeting our clients' needs."

About GPG Advisers

GPG Advisers is an integrated professional services firm focused on front to back office strategy, structure, process and technology advisory and delivery services within the real estate industry.   The organization specializes in providing services to owners, builders and operators of real estate, leveraging their team of industry experts and proven solutions.  GPG Advisers began forming a team of experienced market leaders in 2009.  The firm is committed to providing a team of talented and qualified professionals for their clients.  For more information visit

About Lupine Partners

Founded in 1993, Lupine Partners is a boutique consulting firm with unique expertise in the selection, implementation, and customization of industry-leading real estate and accounting software packages and the systems that support them.