Software School Schedule - P2P Module

    P9001  90Part I - The Key to P2P Success (Workflows)
This is the reason you have P2P!  We'll walk you thru step by step how to sketch out and implement all of your required workflows so you can spend less time moving papers around.
    P6001  60Part II - The Key to P2P Success (Roles)
Roles feed in to the workflows.  We'll show you common mistakes users make in the beginning…so that you don't make then.   We'll talk about best practices and ultimately how to set up your roles.
    P3001  30Part III - The Key to P2P Success (Expense Types)
Clients struggle with expense types all the time.  Just like we did in Part II - we'll discuss common mistakes, best practices and show you how to get all set up.
    P3002  30Special Topic: Commit Payments vs. Non-Commit Payments
To commit or not to commit.  It all comes down to how sure are you?  We'll walk you thru the pro's and con's of each choice to help you make the most informed decision for your organization.
    P3003  30Auto Attach
Want to take some of the guess work out of which expense type should be attached to which workflow?  Well this set-up option will help eliminate the guessing game.
    P3004  30Workflow Restart
What to do when someone assigns an invoice to the wrong workflow?  This quick session will show you how to start the workflow over.
    P3005  30Out Of Office
Vacation!!  I should not have to approve invoices from the beach!  In this session, we will show you how to have someone still in the office 'cover' for you in the workflow process while you are catching some rays.