Post Go-Live Support
Purpose of the “Mind-the-Gap” (MTG) Solution Model

Lupine Partners offers post-Go-Live support to companies that have gone through a software implementation – we call it our “Mind the Gap” service.  ‘Mind the Gap’ is a warning to train or subway passengers to take caution while crossing the gap between the train door and station platform.  ‘Gap’ may describe the difference between the capabilities of Yardi Voyager and our clients’ current use and application of the software’s suite of products.

We created this solution model for our clients to reduce the amount of time necessary to get a higher return on investment for their annual Voyager license expenditure.  Almost all of our clients suffer from Post Implementation Exhaustion Syndrome.  Once they get past the post-implementation exhaustion, however, we come in to determine if they are actually getting everything out of the system that they are paying for.

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