Software School Schedule - Maintenance Module

    M6001  60Survey Says: Work Order Surveys!
Resident and tenant feedback is important!  You want to know how your team is preforming whether it's good or bad.   You want to keep your residents/tenants happy.  Give them the opportunity to brag on a job well done!
    M6002  60Learning the Employee Labor Rates and Skills Setup Process
Track bill and pay rates based on skill level of your maintenance staff.  This is another under-utilized piece of core functionality that can help improve your bottom line.
    M6003  60On the Move With Mobile Maintenance Setup
It's so easy to setup there is no reason why you SHOULDN'T be using this.  Your maintenance staff will love you!
    M4501  45Déjà vu' - Learning Recurring Work Orders
Take one more thing off of your to do list.  We'll walk you through all the steps of setting up recurring work orders so you aren't manually entering the same thing every week, month, quarter, year.
    M4502  45Establishing Work Order Templates
How often have you typed in the same work order for replacing an air filter or fixing a dripping faucet.  With work order templates, you can setup the basic data once and save time whenever a new, but same, request comes in.
    M4503  45Calling 911: Employing the Work Order Dispatch Board
The spot to see everything in one place.  We'll show you how to maneuver the board and determine what needs to be done and where.
    M4504  45Work Order Scheduler: A Primer
You're paying for the system so make sure you get the most out of it.  We'll get you on your way to making the system work for YOU!