Software School Schedule - Job Cost Module

    J9001  90Tip and Tricks - Work In Process Reconciliation (detail to General Ledger)
At the end of the day the job cost module is a sub-ledger to the General Ledger.  Learn some best practices in learning how to keep the job cost detail tied out to WIP on the General Ledger
    J7501  75Job Cost Categories 101
Also known as cost codes.  Learn how to setup cost categories, and categories trees, in the latest version of Yardi Voyager.
    J7502  75Become an Expert in using the Construction Draw Function
This is not as hard as you may have been lead to believe.  You WILL be an expert in producing draw documents out of Voyager after attending this session
    J6001  60You Call it Retention, I Call it Retainage - A Primer
Learn how to hold back a percentage of payments to specified vendors using the retention function in Yardi Voyager.
    J6002  60Getting Familiar with Job Cost Budgets
Learn how these budgets work - and how they are different from ABF and GL budgets
    J4501  45Do's and Don'ts for Contract Setup
A key piece of the job cost module.  This session will assist you in creating best practices for your end users when setting up a job contract.
    J4502  45Great Tips When Using Funding Sources
Learn how to keep track of where the money is coming from and what's left!
    J4503  45Explaining Job Cost Adjustments
Adjustments are a great way to change or correct certain amounts in the job cost module WITHOUT having the changes hit the General Ledger.  Learn how.
    J3001  30Strategy Session - Using Job Lists
Property lists tricky cousin.  Some good strategies to consider when setting up your jobs in the job cost module
    J3002  30How to Close a Job in Job Cost
The title says it all.  A short, but important, class on closing out jobs.
    J3003  30Transfer Costs from One Job to Another 101
Move it around…the easy way.  Simple steps to transfer costs from one job to another.