Software School Schedule - General Ledger Module

    G9001  90It's a Wrap! General Ledger Month-End Close
Whether we like it or not, tasks do occasionally get missed or forgotten or worse someone gets hit by a bus.  The month end checklist is your safety net in making sure everything gets done in the order it should, when it should.
    G9002  90Strategies for Intercompany Setup
Come learn all of the strategies and nuances to this important function.  They are numerous ways to handle due to/due from accounting.   And in 7S - you now have segments.  Come learn now.
    G9003  90Strategies for Intercompany Setup - Part II
This topic is too big to handle in one setting.  Part II discusses intercompany journal entries, disbursements, reimbursements, segments, and bank accounts.
    G9004  90Advanced Strategies with GL Segments
There is a lot of potential power with these segments.  And they're not for everybody.  Join this class to learn the pros and cons of this terrific functionality and learn if Segments will help you.
    G7501  75The Do's and Don'ts of Account trees
Are account trees customizable?  Yes.  Can you create multiple different styles of financial statements with them?  Yes.   Are there 'rules' around these trees?  You better believe it…You need this class.
    G7502  75Making Life Easier with GL Allocations
Still doing the same manual entry each month to distribute across properties?  Let us show you how to save time with GL Allocations.
    G6001  60Creating Financial Packets
Set it up once and be done!  You don't need to run the same 10 reports manually on the first of every month to distribute to 15 people.   Let the system do the work for you.
    G6002  60Tips and Tricks Using Bank Reconciliations
We still see some clients doing their bank recs outside of the software.  Stop it!  Take this class for a quick tutorial on Bank Recs and how to transition from paper to Voyager.
    G6003  60Do it Once! Using Recurring Journal Entries
If you find yourself entering in similar journal entries month after month then this class is for you.  Once you start using recurring journal entries you will never go back to the 'old' way.
    G6004  60For the Non-Accountant: Cash versus Accrual Books
This is a quick class and is meant for those who hear these terms all the time but don't really know what they mean.  After this class you can stop nodding your head knowingly when 'cash' and 'accrual' are brought up…
    G3001  30How to Run Financial statements
A class for non-accountants - learn the lingo and nuances of running financial statements
    G3002  30Practical Uses of Reversing Journal Entries
Do you know what a reversing entry is and why they are necessary in certain circumstances?  Come learn some theory and how to set these entries up in Voyager.