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Software Evaluation FAQs

Why can't we just purchase the biggest name-brand software package and be done with it?

Can you define our requirements for us?

How many people should be on the software evaluation team?

Who should be the project team leader?

What part does the software price play in the overall evaluation?

Is there a ‘Best Practice’ with regard to software evaluation?

When casting the final ‘vote’ on which software to acquire, should the vote be unanimous or will a consensus do?

What does ‘Best of Breed’ mean?

What is the difference between a software demonstration and a software examination?

What are some good questions to ask software vendors?

Who are the best software vendors?

What type of scoring mechanism do you use during the software evaluation process?

How is choosing software different than purchasing other products and services for my organization?

What is the hardest, most time-consuming aspect of the software selection process?

What should we be looking for when hiring a consulting firm?

If I hire a consulting firm, will a team of consultants descend upon our workplace?   Can’t this be a one-person job?

What is the best way to conduct software product demonstrations?

Is it absolutely necessary to send out a Request for Proposal (RFP)?

What is a vendor long list and how do I obtain one?

Do vendor reference checks really work?

Is there any value to visiting software vendors’ offices, or is it a waste of time?

Software Implementation FAQs

How much transactional history should be converted?

Should these implementations have an in-house, internal project manager or an external, for-hire project manager?

What should the software company’s role be during the implementation?

Are canned implementation work plans available for purchase?

Do you recommend a manual data entry process for data conversion or an electronic approach?

How do we keep our operations from grinding to a halt during the software migration effort?

Has Lupine Partners ever participated in a software implementation that failed?

During a software implementation project, what is the ideal time to convert data?

If this is a mid-year conversion, is it better to bring over year-to-date vendor payments for purposes of producing 1099s out of the new system, or to produce two 1099s -- one from the new software product and one from the old software product?

How many iterations of data conversion orchestration should occur?

Is there any benefit in converting some of the tenant information early in the process and then bringing in the remainder later in the process?

What is the difference between static and variable data, and how do they affect go-live strategy?

Should the data in the old system be archived?

Is it better to convert summarized GL transactions, each individual transaction, or can just trial balance information be imported?

What is the typical number of consultants you employ on an implementation engagement?

What are your guarantees on a software implementation project?

What is the purpose of the discovery meeting?

How do you communicate project status?

What is the biggest reason why a software project fails or is more difficult than it needs to be?

Have you ever had a project where you and/or the client had to walk away from the implementation?

What is the most important part of the implementation?

What is the cost to the software implementation if users are NOT Trained properly?

What is your philosophy regarding the timing of end-user training?

What is the recommended training class size?

Do you recommend that each trainee have their own computer for the training session?

What does Lupine Partners think about using quick guides or student aids?

Should your own data be used during training sessions, or should a test database be utilized?

What is the problem with putting beginner and advanced users together in a training session?

Can the training be done remotely or should the trainer be ‘in the room’?

In order to get more people trained, does it make sense for some of the trainees to listen in by phone?

Are their certain training protocols that should be in place in order to maximize the training process?

What is a ‘parking lot’, and how is it used during a training session?

What is better – ‘Train the Trainer’ or direct end-user training?

Should the training occur at your office location or at an outside training room?

Should the training agenda be customized to your particular needs?

Does the trainer have to be part of the implementation project team?

Is there any benefit to the trainer having a copy of the database prior to the training?

Data Conversion FAQs

Is there a list of software systems that Yardi Voyager™ can convert from?

What is a .csv file, and why is it relevant to importing data and transactions into Yardi?

What is data mapping – and how is the mapping best handled?

Is there any benefit to storing history as an attached .pdf file?

Does the ability to convert data into any Yardi table exist?