Custom Reports

One question we are often asked is:  “Is it necessary to have custom reports created?”

The simple answer is no.  The most economical strategy is to use the canned reports that already exist in the software system;  however, if what our client needs isn’t already in the system, custom reports will have to be created.

Lupine Partners has an expansive library of knowledge with regard to report creation and will work with clients to ensure that their reporting needs are met.

Some clients may prefer to create their custom reports in-house.  While intermediate knowledge of SQL is needed, the basics of SQL are not that difficult to learn.  Lupine Partners has created an easy-to-follow guide to creating custom reports and basic SQL programming that will give customers the knowledge they need to create their own reports.

Please visit our Resources page for more information and videos regarding custom reports.  Click here for more information on “The Insider’s Secrets Revealed, Soup-to-Nuts, Blue-Collar Guide to Yardi Systems’ Report Development”.