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“The Insider’s Secrets Revealed, Soup-to-Nuts, Blue Collar Guide to Yardi Systems’ Report Development” is Lupine Partners’ solution for both companies and individuals who need a straightforward guide to creating custom Yardi reports and SQL programming language.

We designed this guide such that even those who have little or no knowledge of SQL will be able to create mid-intermediate custom reports once they have gone through the course.  Lupine Partners consultant, Brian Wood, created comprehensive videos using the powerful screen-capture software Camtasia™.  This program allows Brian to record his computer screen as he walks the viewer step-by-step through all the important aspects of creating these reports.

Here are the video topics covered in our 2-disc series:

  • Introduction to Environments & Scripting Tools
  • Yardi Database Schema
  • Miscellaneous SQL Functions
  • Interfacing Yardi With Crystal Reports
  • Lupine’s Approach to Report Writing
  • Creating a Yardi Report From Scratch
  • Exporting to Excel and Crystal Reports
  • Architecture of a Yardi Report Script
  • Interfacing Yardi With Microsoft Excel
  • Introduction to Yardi Spreadsheet Link (YSL)
  • Importing into Yardi Using Scripts
  • Importing Financial Transactions Into Yardi
  • SQL Joins – Part 2

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In addition to the core materials, we are including the following bonuses:

  • DVD that describes advanced functions in Crystal Reports. Some topics covered include:
  • Concatenating Fields
  • Lining up Fields
  • Using Formulas in Lieu of SQL Case Statements
  • Linking Subreports
  • Passing Values Between Reports & Subreports
  • David’s book on software evaluation – Software & Vendors & Requirements, Oh My! – A Project Team’s Guide to Evaluating Business Software
  • A master list of data import scripts that have been used successfully by Lupine Partners to import data for our clients.
  • Two hours of free telephone support for troubleshooting any issues that arise.

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