Software School Schedule - Commercial Module

    C9001  90Topics in Advanced Recoveries
Leasing agents make our jobs difficult with some of the leases they create…This is an advanced class on setting up cost recoveries for the most challenging leases…
    C9002  90The Proper Way to Setup Commercial Amendments
While not difficult, we often see clients struggle with this.  There is a right way and a wrong way to handling amendments.  We walk you through the setup steps so that your reporting comes out correctly.
    C9003  90Advanced Topic:  Sales and Percentage Rent
The title pretty much says it all.  You have the basics down and you are ready to roll up your sleeves and deep dive into some of the terrific functionality that resides in the software.
    C7501  75The Ins and Outs of the Commercial Move-out Process
Just like the 'Move-in' sister class - this is great for newbies and experienced hands alike.
    C6001  60Calculating CPI Rent Increases
Did you just get an eye tic?  No need…these aren't as overwhelming as you may been led to believe.  We'll show you how in this terrific session.
    C6002  60Understanding Commercial and Property Configuration
Options, Options - where should they be set up?  At the system level or at the property level?
    C6003  65Retail in Yardi Voyager:  A Primer
Learn all about anchor tenants, percentage rents, kiosks, reporting sales, and more in this foundational training session.
    C6004  60Setting Up Straight Line Rents
Also known as FASB 13 101.  This class will walk your accounting staff on the nuances of Yardi's straight-line functionality to smooth out accrual revenue over the life of a lease.
    C6005  60Late Fees - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
A common complaint that we hear is that 'Late fees don't work'.  Well…they do but you need to know how they work, how to set them up, and what NOT to do.  We'll share what we consider to be Best Practices.
    C6006  60Understanding Specialty Leases (and the different amendments available)
What are they, who uses them, when do they use them.  We'll answer all these questions and more.  Tune in, this may be just what you've been looking for!
    C6007  60Basic Customer Setup
We discuss the pro's and con's of using customers in the commercial module.
    C6008  60Posting Cash Receipts
Mis-applied cash receipts are probably the number one help desk call we get.  This class is a quick, but very important, session on the multiple ways to enter cash receipts.
    C4501  45Using Yardi Voyager to Budget CAM Estimates
You really CAN be more sophisticated in creating new monthly estimates for recoverable expenses than just taking last year's amounts and multiplying by 10%.   Learn how in this class.
    C4502  45How to Setup and Use Renewals
This is another session on making the system work YOU.  Learn what each of the different renewals types mean and how to use them.  We'll also cover process each of the steps in the renewal process.
    C4503  45Advanced Topics:  Commercial Utilities Functions
This sessions will cover all of the tasks under the commercial utilities function.  Learn when to use them and who should have access to the function…surprise…it's not everyone!
    C4504  45Strategy:  Setting up Expense Pools for Cost Recoveries
You can't use the cost recovery functionality in Yardi Voyager unless you know how to setup the all-important expense pools.  The good news is that it's not hard to setup…the secret is all in the organization and planning of the pools.  Don't miss this session to learn 'the secret'.
    C4505  45Adding Lease Options
Learn what each of the different option types mean and the correct way to use them.
    C3001  30Utilizing Maintenance Notes
Personalize it!  Maintenance notes allow you to print tenant specific notes on a work order.  We'll show you how to make it happen!
    C3002  30Using Floors for the Stacking Plan
Simply put the stacking plan will not work correctly without the proper setup of floors.  We can show you how to get them in the system.
    C3003  45Area Remeasure
What is the CORRECT way to update the area of a unit?  Join us and find out.