Lupine Partners - Giving Back

Lupine Partners commits a portion of its earnings to charitable projects.

David Wolfe served as an Executive Producer on the Emmy® Award winning documentary film, “Esperanza”, from CelebrityFilms™.  The film showcases Esperanza International – an organization that dedicates itself to free children and their families from poverty through initiatives that generate income, education and health, restoring self-worth and dignity to those who have lost hope.  David helped bring this film to full production.  The documentary will reveal an in-depth look at Esperanza International’s incredible story and what can happen when people believe in an idea and act to make it come true.  To view the documentary click here.

Dave Valle, former Major League Baseball catcher, along with his wife Vicky founded the organization in 1995.  Learn more here.   Their mission statement can be found here.  Wolfe continues to work on raising money for Esperanza in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

David also served as Executive Producer for another Emmy® Award-winning short film documentary, “Mi Casa Hogar.”  The film won for Best Short Film Documentary.  “Mi Casa Hogar” reveals an in-depth look at the incredible story of the Casa Hogar children’s home in Acapulco.  Around sixty kids from 6-20 years old live at Casa Hogar.  All have been victims of abuse, violence, neglect or abandonment.  Few of the kids are true orphans, most still have at least one relative and the majority have extended family members and relatives.  While the circumstances surrounding their arrival at Casa Hogar differ with each kid, a common theme is that they were unloved or unwanted.

David Wolfe was fortunate to visit the orphanage in January, 2013.    Click here to watch a short 2 minute video of David describing his experience at the orphanage.

Most of the children and teens come from dysfunctional families, where they were abused or neglected; some were runaways and lived on the streets for a while.  Due to extreme poverty, poor economic conditions and sickness; some families or relatives often simply cannot provide for their children and hope to give them a better life by sending them here.  They have found love, shelter, attention and security in this home and begin their journey toward complete healing: mind/body/soul.

For them, this may be the only safe and caring environment they have ever known.  They are finding a chance to rebuild their lives, understand their past, develop self-esteem, experience trusting relationships and come to know a loving and faithful God who will never abandon them.  The orphanage has staff members who hold several weekly bible studies and provide spiritual mentorship for the children and youth.

The children and teens are not legally required to remain at Casa Hogar.  They may leave at anytime!  For them, Casa Hogar may be the only safe and caring environment they have ever known.  They learn to live with and respect others, adapt to the discipline and routine, love and care for everyone.  As the children grow older, some of them choose to leave Casa Hogar and start new lives for themselves.  Like young people around the world, our teens enjoy and flourish with independence, some of them return to live with their families or relatives, and still others choose to remain at Casa Hogar and continue with their education.  To view the entire documentary click here.