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Oh My

When a software selection project falls out of the sky and onto your plate, you need a strong heart, a sharp brain, and the courage to tackle the task.  This is the book that provides all three, and more.  It is a clear and methodical map through the unclear and needlessly chaotic process of software selection.

Software and Vendors and Requirements, Oh My!: A Project Team’s Guide to Evaluating Business Software was written by Lupine President, David Wolfe who tells you why it’s best to set up a project team and how to choose the team members.  Then, in language you will understand, it explains:   what to do; when to do it; and how to do it.

Why should you purchase Software and Vendors and Requirements, Oh My!?

  • This guide only costs $34.95 (plus shipping) - far less than the cost of a botched software selection and implementation.
  • If you are a consultant, it will open up a new avenue of business for you.
  • It arms you with tips and techniques to advise your organization in the ‘right’ way of buying technology.
  • You get access to my software selection scoring templates – FREE!
  • It’s fun and easy to read – no ridiculous acronyms or consultant-speak. Think of it as a ‘blue-collar’ software evaluation instruction manual.

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