Software School Schedule - Administration Module

    A9001  90Menu Setup and Permissions - Part I (Menus)
One of the biggest pain points in Voyager is setting up the menus and permissions correctly.  This is a MUST TAKE class for any Yardi Administrator.
    A9002  90Menu Setup and Permissions - Part II (Permissions)
One of the biggest pain points in Voyager is setting up the menus and permissions correctly.  This is a MUST TAKE class for any Yardi Administrator.
    A9003  90Saving Time With Report Scheduler
Similar to financial packets, report scheduler will allow you to setup not just financial reports but operational reports as well.  If you are regularly running the same sets of reports either for yourself or to distribute this is a class you must attend.
    A9004  90Defining and Creating Workflows
Workflows are not just for P2P anymore.  This class covers the setup and processing of workflows as well as the creative ways we've seen our clients use them.
    A9005  90Practical Applications for Custom Tables
You don't have to be a techy wizard guy to create these tables.  But you DO need to know some good database rules around the type of table to setup.   (Or do you use a user-defined field….?)
    A7501  75Importing Budgets
There can be no greater drag on earth than having to manually enter your budgets into Voyager.  These imports are easy to do - after you've taken this class.
    A7502  75The Fundamentals of ETL Templates and Imports
Having knowledge of the MANY ETL templates that exist is absolutely foundational to your ability to bring data in and out of Yardi Voyager.  You want to have this tool, and the knowledge on how to use this tool, in your Yardi gearbox.  This is life-changing functionality!
    A7503  75Importing Journal Entries
This is a lot easier than you may think.  After an hour with us you'll be a pro - and more importantly, you may save yourself a boatload of time…
    A6001  60Attributes - What Are They and What Are The Best Practice Applications?
The uses for attributes are too numerous to count!  We'll discuss the many ways we have seen our clients use attributes and walk you through the process of setting them up and maintaining them.
    A6002  60Using Email Templates - A Primer
You're users want it but you haven't had time to dig in and learn it.  Getting started is the hard part!  Let's us show you how great these templates can be!…
    A6003  60Advanced Notification Topics and Uses
Tired of hearing "oops I forgot" again and again!  We'll show you how to set up notifications so that your users won't utter that excuse ever again!
    A4501  45Setting up Additional Roles
A virtual Who's Who in your database.  The possibilities are endless!  Keep all your operational contacts in one place.   We'll show you how.
    A4502  45Setting up Lookup Lists
You don't need lookup lists until you need them.  Learn where they are used throughout the system and how to set up from scratch.
    A4503  45The CORRECT Way to Use the Apply Credits/Prepaid Function
If this function is not handled correctly you can have a big mess on your hands.  This function is one of the least understood in the entire system.   Let us show you the right way and how the system handles prepaids on both a cash and accrual basis.
    A4504  45Creating Users From Templates
Ensure that user A has the same access as user B without having to remember everything you set up for user A or compare user A to B.   Take the guess work out of user set up!
    A3001  30Tasks - What Are They Good For? (Actually a lot…)
We'll discuss recommended tasks to setup and the pro's and con's of each.  Learn how tasks can help you cut down on end user errors and save your team productive work time.
    A3002  30Basic Security Setup in Yardi Voyager
We'll go over the basic 1, 2, 3's…menus, groups and permissions.