About Lupine Partners

Lupine Partners is a boutique consulting firm with unique expertise in the selection, implementation, and customization of industry-leading real estate and accounting software packages and the systems that support them.  Our mission is to provide premier information system solutions and consulting services to the real estate market nationwide.

While Lupine certainly enjoys a reputation for expertise in real estate software packages, what is of equal value to our clients is our clear understanding of the importance and intricacies of planning, management, and processes in the attainment of business goals.

Our clients represent a broad spectrum of industry verticals.  Recognizing that areas of commonality exist, we emphasize the uniqueness of each client and promise individual attention and commitment to success to every client.

Please navigate through our site for more information about Lupine Partners’ products, services, and other resources that can help guide you through the daunting tasks of software selection and implementation.