A Message from Lupine Partner’s President


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I feel certain you will find value here and that it will help you and your organization make the best decisions with regard to information technology.   Decisions that should help make you a more profitable organization.  Navigate through the site and pick the resources that best fit your unique situation.  You will find a combination of short videos, special reports, and tips that you can subscribe to via the resources section in the upper right hand corner.

I started the company in 1993, but after being in business for 5 years, I realized that I needed to determine whether or not the services my company was providing was congruent with the requirements, needs and desires of our client base.

From that process, I realized that we were actually in the security and protection business…and in the construction business as well.  If my firm was just in the consulting business, then that would mean that we would be peddling our services regardless of what our clients and prospects need.  

I recognized that my clients do not really care at all about our consulting services.

Our Clients Want:

A qualified guarantee of success.  In my business, you can’t guarantee that a software project won’t fail.  There are too many variables, such as the software product not working as advertised or the client not investing the necessary human or financial resources.  Our clients understand this – or at least they do once we educate them on all of the success/failure variables.   Clients enjoy and respect this mature attitude towards project management, and they should be wary of any consultant who gives an absolute guarantee.  

To be led…to feel invisible hands below them to help cushion any falls.  I have always thought of it as being a parent, with our clients as our children.  We are tough, understanding and keep our eye on the ball.  That’s what people need, want and expect from a professional involved in an always-difficult process.  

Honest and timely communication of problems and issues.  Problems on a software project are like rain in the Pacific Northwest in the winter – steady and constant.  Our customers want all issues on the table so they can be resolved, and they count on this from me and my team.  

Our experience.  They want to know that we’ve already been through everything that they are now going through.  Grey hair and everything that goes with it.

Us to not learn everything while on their account.  Said another way, they want us to ethically represent what we can and can’t do.   At the same time, clients understand that all professionals are always learning, and there are some things that we (still!) do learn while a client is paying us.   Just as they are benefiting from something we learned on a previous job.

To focus on their desired outcomes, not our services.  This means that we are in the business of keeping everybody’s collective eye focused on the ball.  What we are not in the business of is highlighting our tactics and processes (read: consulting services) to get our clients to where they want to go.  

Their existing business to continue while their software project is in process.  The analogy that I always use is the construction of a highway.  The workers always build the temporary route before they actually begin to build the new road (new software).  Those of us in the construction business understand this, and build the core of our plan around this fact.  

My firm to be successful. They want to be associated with the best.  There is security in knowing that my company has a long and stable client base and an equally rich and strong prospect pipeline.  We have deep roots and will be around to fulfill our obligations.  It’s the same notion of multi-family residents not wanting to live in a complex that is only 30% occupied.  It lacks community, vibrancy, and hope.  Same emotion and same concept.  

My firm to have lots of clients, but to feel like they are my only client.  It is a core human emotion – people want to be around other people who are successful.  Sounds odd, but our successes are our client’s security.

Once I made this mental leap, I was ready to grow the company.  And grow it I did – in terms of revenue, clients, successful software needs assessments, software evaluations, software implementations, and employees.  Our client growth came from organizations that were willing to ‘take a chance with us’.   They saw something about us and our approach.  They were intrigued and interested in our personal touch, and our ‘just get it done’ mentality.

Committed to Your Prosperity and Achievement,

David Wolfe, CPA Founder and President – Lupine Partners